Burst Release Reference Software 2.0.4

  • This release is the foundation of the future Burst. It offers better performance, stability and security compared to any release so far. It has some nice features like UPnP, JOOQ (for any database backend - via DB manager), snappier UI, improved market etc.

    We also cut some things away to keep it slim (DB dumps really better than Quicksync) and slick.

    Notable changes to 2.0.3 are:

    • bugfixes in solo mining capability
    • async/sync repairs for frontend (due to new jQuery)
    • mariaDB/H2 bootstrap handling in burst.sh (Unix)
    • DB robustness (ensuring InnoDB)


    burstcoin-2.0.4.zip: bf9b701f7a6d3ba111ebc060596c18aac61bfab501b9f59b08153115bfcf0d82



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