How To Best Handicap Overwatch Betting Odds

  • Overwatch is a relatively new game in the esports industry, but it is by far the most successful game by Blizzard Entertainment. The team-based multiplayer, first-person shooter video game is the epitome of wonder, thrill, and excitement. This year, 2018, Overwatch popularity created a whole new gambling scene perfect for like-minded individuals who love esports and own Bitcoins.

    If you want to try Overwatch betting, you need to have a plan. The odds will always favor the man with a plan, after all. Lucky for you, we already have everything planned long before Overwatch entered the gambling scene. Here’s a list of how to best handicap Overwatch betting odds:

    PACE 1 - Completion of Resources

    This is already given and you might have done this by now: rounding up all resources regarding the upcoming matches. Online sportsbook and esports betting databases have all the information you need, including betting odds, odds comparison, and betting predictions. Your plan is to look into the most credible resources online, whether it’s from a sportsbook, a tipster, a database, or a sports analyst. Some of the top esports sites carrying these information are Liquipedia, HLTV, GosuGamers, and LoLking. Game mechanics, match formats, and match schedules are also there.

    PACE 2 - Rotation Schedules

    Your favorite team is not always the winning team, always remember that. But your favorite player might be consistent in some way. With that mind, you have to be updated with the latest team additions and roster changes. In the current Overwatch League (OWL), for example, the teams change or add players in a specific stage to complete their 12-man squad. You need to know if the form of your team and the standings of the player can beat the other teams. Watch out for rotation schedules.

    PACE 3 - Historical Accuracy

    The recent and previous form of the team should be one of your considerations. The previous performances of teams competing should gauge their current or upcoming performances. Were they consistent or not? Regardless, the ability of a gamer can be seen through his performances under pressure. So make sure that if you study their history, take note of their strengths and weaknesses on different levels and maps.

    PACE 4 -  Live Happenings

    Live in-game odds can be in your favor if you know how to take advantage of them. The results will depend on the odds shift happening between the favored team and the underdog. You have to keep up with the game and make instant decisions just by looking at what’s currently happening.

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