Leonardian Pre-ICO/ICO Instructions

  • This post has information about the KYC, communication and safety tips.

    Please read through carefully. You should only participate via https://leonardian.com/dashboard . Do not trust any other channel and do not trust any direct message you receive.

    Participation Period

    The Leonardian token distribution starts on Monday, April 16th at 10:00 AM, GMT. 

    KYC Status

    We will not send out individual KYC confirmations. Everyone, who enter the participation platform will be able to check their KYC status.

    If the platform shows that your status is not confirmed, you can still participate, but if your KYC is rejected we will get in touch to discuss the reason and to handle it.

    How to participate

    Follow the steps below:

    1. At the top of the webpage(https://leonardian.com/) click register button and enter your name and email.
    2. After subscribing you have access to dashboard or you can go directly to https://leonardian.com/dashboard, where you can apply your personal information and take part in token sale.
    3. If you plan to invest less than 3 ETH you can:
    • use your metamask account directly, without KYC
    • adding your ETH/Bitcoin address

    4. If you plan to invest more than 3 ETH you have to apply KYC form and waiting for approve. When you are approved, you can add your ETH/Bitcoin addresses and take part in token sale.

    The contribution will happen until the hard cap is reached or the token distribution expires on May 12 at 10:00 PM GMT.

    We accept only Ethereum and Bitcoin. 

    1. Bitcoin

    You need to set your BITCOIN address in our dashboard and enter the ERC20 wallet address where you prefer to receive your tokens.

    Communication on April 16 during the Pre-ICO

    We will be broadcasting updates on our official channels:

    Telegram channel



    Note: We will NEVER post an ETH contribution address in Telegram, Twitter or Slack.


    For official communications, we will be sending you emails from [email protected] Before acting on any request, please check it carefully.

    Data Protection

    All data is handled according to European Union Data Protection Laws. GDPR will be followed in all cases, except where commercial law supersedes. 

    If you do not wish for us to keep your data, do not participate in the token distribution and send an email to [email protected] to delete all your personal data. We can only delete all your data before you contribute. After you contribute, we must hold your data according to mandatory timeframes.

    Be smart and stay safe! If you have additional questions you can ask us on:



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