Leonardian Fee Pool

  • The Fee Pool is made up of all the fees collected from the platform. It covers the maintenance and development of the platform and incentivizes the Angels.  The initial Fee Pool forecast determines the following distribution:

    Quality Assurance

    This includes the remuneration for the experts is in charge for the initial approval of providers and listed items. They are accountable for the quality of the assets provided via the platform. QA people are also acting as Mediators for unsolved disputes between Clients and Providers.


    This budget item is meant to serve as an additional insurance for refund requests in case the blocked account of the provider is not covering the requests.

    In case of unused funds from this budget item those will be transferred to the “Future Development and Marketing”.

    Operational costs

    This item covers other operational costs: blockchain transaction fees (Gas), additional costs for hardware or maintenance.

    In case of unused funds from this budget item those are transferred as additional provisions for the same item of the next year budget.

    Angels annual bonus

    Each year Angels receive remuneration for being owners of tokens and participating in the monitoring and development governance of the platform.

    Future Development and Marketing

    This item plus any savings from the other items are being spent on the development of the platform and advertising. On annual basis there is a voting process where all Angels participate in the decision for the priority of implementation of future upgrades and functionalities as well as the planning of relevant marketing activities.

    Full transparency of costs

    The distribution of the Fee Pool is published and available real time on the platform as well as additional information on the operational costs, development and marketing, number and volume of sales, etc.


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