[Bounty] Pavocoin - IoT Blockchain for the AgTech Ecosystem.

  • Pavo’s mission is to fundamentally improve yield, productivity, efficiency,
    transparency, quality and profitability for all of the key participants within
    the agriculture ecosystem. We are spearheading our efforts of product
    maturation in the red-hot cannabis industry, where Blockchain-enabled
    transparency is most needed.


    Globally, food and agriculture represent a $5 trillion industry, that only gets bigger with population
    growth. Some forecasts call for total caloric demand to increase by 70 percent by 2050, when
    there are a projected 9.6 billion people on the planet, and crop demand for human consumption
    and animal feed to increase by at least 100 percent. The smart agriculture market alone is
    projected to grow from $5.18 billion in 2016 to USD $11.23 billion by 2022, at a
    compound-annual-growth-rate of 13.27% between 2017 and 2022.
    Projections call for the legal cannabis market in the United States to grow from over $4.6 billion
    in 2014 to almost $23 billion in 2020, a 31% compound annual growth rate. (Some projections
    range as high as $60 billion within a decade.) This is attributable to a spate of new legislation
    permitting cannabis consumption by adults on a recreational basis.
    Total demand for recreational cannabis in the U.S. is estimated to exceed that for wine and organic
    food. Cannabis dispensary annual revenue per square foot already rivals that of Whole Foods
    Market and Costco.
    Cannabis supply chain participants are increasingly looking to technology solutions such as cloud
    computing, Internet of Things (IoT) networks and electronic sensors to ensure that their
    operations are both financially, and environmentally, sustainable with growing consumer brand

    The Pavo business model and solution is built on two pillars:

    1. The Pavo IoT Platform enables real-time management of farms and gardens, driving significant fundamental
    improvements in productivity, quality and yield for cannabis growers. Already in deployment with growers, the IoT
    platform consists of proven technology, consisting of smart sensors to provide critical data to drive key decisions for
    growers, and artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to help drive better crop management decisions and
    optimal quality and yields.
    a. The Pavo platform is cloud-based, provided on a SaaS subscription basis, and will provide a comprehensive suite of
    supply chain management and inventory management capabilities to drive significant improvements in
    transparency, quality, compliance and efficiency throughout the ecosystem from growers and processors through
    to medical dispensaries and retail stores (ie, “from seed to sale”).
    b. Pavo enables growers to make smarter, faster agricultural and business decisions based on real data. The core
    technology underlying the Pavo IoT Platform has proven to increase yields in crops very similar to cannabis by as
    much as 30 percent.
    2. The PavoCoin (PAVO) smart token payment system is designed to complement the Pavo IoT Platform and become the
    dominant form of payment and unit of account across the cannabis industry. PavoCoin will help solve a wide range of
    critical issues and challenges for members of the cannabis community

    Token Generation Event (TGE) Parameters

    Pavo intends to be fully transparent in all its financial
    conduct and transactions. Controlled release of tokens
    will give Pavo projects and PavoCoin the opportunity to
    grow and increase in influence based on merit and value
    creation. Escrowed funds and planned ecosystem
    industry projects will set Pavo apart from other token
    generation events.
    200,000,000 tokens will be issued by Pavo. There are
    currently no plans to generate additional tokens. The
    initial distribution of tokens will be through a series of
    offerings in different time phases.

    PAV Token Distribution


    Public Pre-Sale starts

    at 04.12.2018 till 06.11.2018
    $10,000 USD minimum
    Token Generation Event (TGE)
    Crowd-sale starts 05.10.2018
    Crowd-sale ends 05.11.2018





    one pager:https://www.pavocoin.com/doc/P...

    lite paper:https://www.pavocoin.com/doc/0...

    white paper:https://pavocoin.com/media/110...







    telegram (En): https://t.me/pavo_en

    telegram (Ru) :https://t.me/pavo_ru


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