Credits (CS) New update of Pre-Beta v

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    A new update of CREDITS pre-beta is now available for download.

    Additions: - Balance update button  - Saving keys to file, selecting a file to save - Downloading keys from the file - Pooling time and pool hash added to the transaction transmission packet Kernel bug fixing: - Correction to an incomplete display of transaction details activated by the “view transaction detail” button - Removed option for sending a transaction to an invalid wallet - Removed option for executing an unconfirmed transaction  - Correction of the keepAlive mechanism errors - Correction of mistakes in generating a datagram with the largest possible number of transactions - correction to the key pair encoding  - kernel code optimization  Visual changes: - page number in the transaction history is made invisible by overlapping buttons - input data in the address field falls outside of the workspace  - the number of scrolled pages in the transaction history is not limited by their content

    Please uninstall the older version prior to installing the updated one!

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