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  • Mobilum in a Nutshell

    Mobilum is the missing bridge between crypto and fiat currencies.
    It's simple as that.
    Mobilum directly connects every cryptocurrency with any payment card, regardless of the issuing provider:
    MasterCard, MIR, UnionPay, JCB, Visa, Diners' Club, Discover, AMEX, Belkart – you name it – we have it.
    Thus, Mobilum is the missing puzzle piece that cryptocurrency holders and users have been waiting for. It makes
    life easy for everyone who spends money in any digital currency.

    Top Features:

    · Spend your coins and tokens with any card, online & offline.
    · Benefit from the best cryptocurrency exchange rates using Mobilum Token.
    · Send money from Mobilum App in 30+ currencies to 150+ countries – free & in real-time, with instant
    spending availability for the recipient.
    · Sign up via Mobilum App in less than 1 minute.

    Video Explainer


    Our mission is to connect fiat currency and cryptocurrency in real-time, decreasing the total cost of each
    transaction and guaranteeing the most favourable execution.
    To accomplish this – and on the way enhance liquidity in the cryptocurrency markets – we have created a platform
    via which every credit card holder can use any blockchain asset to settle a payment.
    In short: Mobilum – in contrast to previous providers of similar services – directly connects every cryptocurrency
    with any payment card, regardless of the issuing entity.


    Key to our solution is the Mobilum Token, MBM – a truly liquid token that enables instant exchange from any
    cryptocurrency to any fiat currency in real-time.
    MBM is assisted by a mobile wallet application – the Mobilum App.
    MBM are a uility token based on the well-established ERC20 standard on the Ethereum Blockchain, expertly
    designed to work in the Mobilum ecosystem and product line.

    MBM Token – your benefits:

    Convenient spending with Mobilum Wallet
    Redeemable with any payment card

    How Mobilum works:

    The Mobilum Wallet will enable you to create a link between your crypto funds and the IBAN account of your
    preferred credit/debit card.

    Whenever you use the credit/debit card, the Mobilum Platform will determine the best execution price for each
    pair (your cryptocurrency to chosen fiat currency) and will exchange your cryptocurrency to fiat currency. One
    Mobilum Token is used to process this transaction. The cryptocurrency is used as a collateral and you receive the
    fiat money in express/real-time at your preferred card account.

    The Mobilum Platform then settles the transactions on the accounts in real-time, ensuring best execution price for
    any given currency pair. It is a form of a fiat currency loan by Mobilum and express card top up.

    Mobilum Wallet and Platform will accept the following cryptocurrencies:

    Bitcoin (BTC)
    Ethereum Classic (ETC)
    Ethereum (ETH)
    Dash (DASH)
    Neo (NEO)
    + Every major (top 100) currencies and tokens in Q1 2019

    Mobilum Wallet and Platform will accept the following fiat currencies

    Mobilum Wallet

    The Mobilum Wallet is a multi-asset blockchain wallet that is secure, insured, allows the purchasing and selling of
    digital assets, and is able to connect to IBAN accounts to settle wire transfers.
    The user can conveniently convert a wide range of blockchain assets such as BTC, ETH, DASH, ETC, NEO from one
    to another.
    To enable real-time transactions, the user merely needs to configure Mobilum Wallet with his or her preferred
    default blockchain asset as the payment source and set a daily or monthly spending limit. With this setup, the user
    obtains full control over his or her funds at any given time.

    Mobilum Platform

    The Mobilum Platform is a multi-asset, multi-market, low-latency, high-frequency, MiFID compliant matching
    engine allowing best execution of different asset classes in real-time.
    It uses the Mobilum Wallet as a customer front-end application, and Mobilum Token (MBM) to settle and reconcile
    Its connectivity module enables it to connect to the data feeds of major digital exchanges to determine optimal
    prices for its users.

    Mobilum’s ICO

    So, what is the essence of Mobilum’s ICO?
    Imagine if you had been able to put your money in the VISA company in its early days. Your savings would have
    multiplied many times by now, and you would most likely be massively rich. However, you never had a chance, of
    course: From its very beginnings, VISA was the project of the Bank of America, a huge institution. There has never
    been a grassroot community of contributors in which every single one had the chance to profit many times over.
    Luckily, now it’s time for the next generation: With Mobilum’s ICO, you can be part of the development of a new
    dominant market player from the very beginning.

    ITO Details


    Pre-ICO date is 1 March 2018 at 3pm UTC.
    ICO start date is 23 April 2018 at 3pm UTC.

     How much?

    ICO goal is to reach 29,000,000 USD
    Soft Cap 5,000,000 USD
    Private Sale Cap 12,000,000 USD
    These funds will be used to build the app and develop main business branches – details below.

    What for?

    The proceeds from the token sale will fund the product launch, continued platform development and user

    30% – R&D and Product Development
    Includes opening of an R&D center in Europe with approximately 15 engineers.

    25% – Marketing and Customer Acquisition
    The key source of new customers is going to be word-of-mouth, as the product gives users a very strong
    commercial incentive to download the App. There are natural network effects built into the product around the
    P2P money sending function, which will lower the average customer acquisition cost (CAC) substantially.

    15% – Business Costs, including costs of e-money licenses, compliance and architecture setup
    Some of our key partners are listed on the website. There is a substantial cost associated with integrating all those
    partners, acquiring all the necessary licenses across multiple jurisdictions, building compliance teams, shouldering
    legal fees, and general technical architecture setup.

    30% – Working Capital
    Our product is bridging the gap between the worlds of crypto and fiat currencies. In order to offer our users realtime
    access to funds and perfect exchange rates, we will have to bridge funding gaps between multiple parties using
    our own balance sheet.











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