Where To Get CSGO Free Skins

  • Traditional and online gambling in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is already taking over the esports industry. Betting has become a profitable activity for gamers and esports enthusiasts, especially with the inclusion of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies. But let’s not ignore the unconventional practice of Skin Gambling that originated from CSGO’s community of players.

    For several years since the practice was introduced to the world, CSGO gamblers and players have bought and sold virtual and cosmetic weapon known as “skins” in Steam marketplace. Gamers and developers created a website or a community that let users gamble using CSGO skins instead of money. The skins, in actuality, have no specific in-game function except to beautify one’s weapon or character. The cooler or rarer the skin is, the more expensive it is. It could cost thousands, and people have been saving their common skins and Bitcoins up for it. But now, there’s a developing, new industry giving CSGO free skins out to players and it’s as exciting as playing CSGO for the very first time!

    Some may say that nothing in the world is free, but there are websites specifically designed to give CSGO free skins out in exchange for easy online tasks like watching a video or playing a browser game. One example is Collectskins where users can get points in exchange for skins. The 21-year old owner of the website purchases the skins from third-party sellers cheaper than Steam marketplace’s price. The site attracts 35,000 active users a month.

    Another too-good-to-be-true, but-actually-true free skins website is Earn.gg. The site is owned by a college student, he moves over 1,000 skins a day and the site itself brings in $120,000 a month. All you have to do to earn free skins here is to watch videos and you can withdraw your points into Gift cards, CSGO skins, and other rewards.

    Last but definitely not the least is CS:GO-coins. a site that also gives virtual items, gift cards, and other rewards for free. It has the largest selection of skins in the market, you can select an item in their selection or order via their catalog. The only tasks you need to shop at the store are to install and try games, register for free trials, try new products, answer surveys, watch videos, and mine coins. And the only things you need to sacrifice are your time, let the PC work for you.

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