DeepOnion And The Importance Of Privacy.

  • A quick definition of Privacy is the phenomenon, state or condition of a person that consists of developing in an intimate and reserved space that must remain in total confidentiality.

    We can also indicate that it is a quality of the place that provides the possibility of having control of the space, a given refuge that provides shelter or protection against harmful conditions.

    At the same time, it offers the possibility of accessing a brief solitude since Privacy means being completely alone, with the security of not being observed by any person or entity; which allows us to reconsider and find solutions to our problems.

    Privacy is a right that is part of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, implying that it is an essential right that every human being possesses, thus guaranteeing the dignity of the individual, being independent of other factors such as not being able to transfer to another person that right or not being able to renounce it.

    Privacy covers many things, for example protecting the address of each individual, their communications, their private documents, their monetary transactions, etc. but unfortunately all this is being lost due to the espionage of governments, corporate entities and new technologies.

    Do we really have privacy?

    It is clear that the information we offer through social networks and messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, etc. allows the rest of the world to obtain a lot of information about us.

    Sometimes, third persons are those who publish our information without permission, often revealing content that we would not like anyone to know about us.

    It’s a lot of information, but still we keep "some privacy", although in the future it may not be this way, at this rate It’s estimated that we will be completely public by 2025.

    We will give up our privacy by then, or we will have reinterpreted the current meaning of Privacy.

    All these Privacy problems are also serious in terms of money, banks are providing critical information about our transactions and what we do with our money to governments or other entities, this problem along with others was foreseen by Satoshi Nakamoto and for that reason gave rise to the birth of the first cryptocurrency in history: The Bitcoin.

    Bitcoin was the first monetary privacy alternative but with the passing of the years, it is not secure enough in terms of privacy, in Bitcoin the addresses are public, as well as the balances and the amount of the transactions.

    Although Bitcoin addresses are not directly linked to the real identity of the users that use them, in theory if it would be possible to track them and get to their owner, this is a big problem and this is when alternatives arise that really achieve that long-awaited goal as is Privacy.

    DeepOnion is one of those great alternatives, this cryptocurrency seeks that any person with total security can spend their money on what they want without anything or anyone can intervene in transactions or that can be investigated, this does not mean that it is something illicitbecause cryptocurrencies are often attacked because of this fact, we simply want to enjoy complete privacy, exercise the right to Privacythat we all have by law and protect ourselves from any attempt of theft or espionage.

    Independently, no government or corporate entity can block or destroy this cryptocurrency.

    DeepOnion is an open source currency that has an experienced development team and very committed to the project, making sure to create a secure and anonymous network thanks to the native implementation of TORnetworks which allows any transaction or movement within the network to be encrypted to such an extent that its interception or interpretation is impossible and the implementation of Stealth Transactions where it is granted a robust extra layer of security in addition to having very short transfer times due to the number of nodes that exist in the network.

    If you want to buy DeepOnion, there are several Exchanges where you can do it as KucoinCryptopiaCrex24where you can buy it directly in Dollars, Euros, Bitcoin and Ethereum.

    In short, privacy allows a space of intimacy, to relate to personal or group wishes to promote interpersonal relationships, so we could say that privacy is a criterion of security because it enables the person is out of observation of other individuals, minimizing the sensory stimulation that the individual receives in the place where he is. For these reasons, it is important that both in our home and in our workplace, we have private spaces that provide peace of mind, as well as the possibility of reflecting and finding ourselves; When our life does not have privacy, given that our spaces or objects are not respected, we can experience stress, which can be moderate or severe, as well as outbursts of anger and bad mood that make our life more difficult.


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