EtherZero MasterNode “Witness Plan”

  • To deeply appreciate our EtherZero group members and better warm up MasterNode Community in two months, the EtherZero Foundation plans to offer an extra bonus of 1,000,000 ETZ on MasterNode Reward Campaign.

    Campaign Content:

    Date: Start from 20th, April and end on June right after the MasterNode Project officially releases.

    Quantity: 1,000,000 ETZ in total

    All participants will be rewarded by smart contract during this campaign, the total reward would be nearly 8640 ETZ per day (PS: 8640 is equal to blocks mined everyday, but it would be higher or lower depended on hashing power status)

    • Participating accounts receive a reward for every 20 thousand ETZ, (For example, if you have 60 thousand ETZ, you can receive 3 times reward)
    • Reward will be reflected in user’s activity account, and will be sent by smart contract automatically when activity ends.
    • Participants can decide to further participate in the next phase of Masternode Project in June by themselves when this campaign end.


    At least 20 thousand ETZ


    【1】Join in the Campaign Discussion Group, please refer to 【Campaign Discussion Group】below.

    【2】Transfer ETZ from the EtherZero wallet address to the 【MasterNode Warming-up Smart Contract Account】, the amount should be at least 20,000 or its multiples.


    The daily reward is fixed. The more participants involved, the less reward every participant would get. The earlier, the better to get more rewards.

    PS:Assuming that MasterNode Warming-up Smart Contract Account receives 1 million ETZ, the reward for every account with 20 thousand ETZ is 172.8 ETZ per day, the daily average yield rate AVERAGE YIELD RATE is nearly 0.86%, and the MONTHLY YIELD RATE is 26%.

    What is 【Campaign Discussion Group】?

    It is a telegram group that all participants can join and discuss the MasterNode Campaign together:

    EtherZero (ETZ)

    EtherZero is a easy to use underlying public chain with zero transaction fee, instant payment, high scalability, Masternode network, 1000 to 10000 level TPS, and meet the needs of various kinds of DApp development.

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