AntMiner S4+ - 2.57 TH/s

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    Bitmain's AntMiner S4+ upgrades the original by adding an additional 44 chips across the 4 mining boards which are cooled by 4 powerful 120mm fans. A power efficient string design is utilised along with an internal 1600W PSU. The S4+ is standalone and does not require an external controller. Mounting ears are included.


    Chips: 204x BM1382 Gen2

    Rated Hash Rate: 2570GH

    Rated Voltage: 12V

    Rated Current: 115A

    Power Consumption: ~1480W


    S4+'s come with a internal 1600W APW3-12-1600-B1 / B2 power supply which will power on automatically once plugged in. Please note that this PSU is ONLY compatible with high voltage mains, between 205V and 264V. The unit will not operate outside of this range. The B1 variant utilises 12 PCI-E connectors while the B2 variant utilises 4 pairs of M4 10 AWG spade connectors to power the hashing boards and a single PCI-E connector to power the controller and fans.


    The S4+ is self sufficient in cooling terms and utilises four 120x38mm fans which operate between 3500 and 4200rpm. All four are PWM controlled and automatically react to increased temperatures. Noise levels are very high but of reasonable tone, and identical to that of the original S4. The PSU is cooled by its own 40mm fan which remains inaudible over the main fans at all temperatures.

    Bitmain Antminer S4+ Setup Guide

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