Synereo Update – Dev News

  • n our community hangout yesterday, Greg gave kudos to Henry, Navneet, and the crew for their problem solving progress on a particular bug that has constrained the performance of our system for a long while. With it solved, our decentralized content delivery network can properly handle meaningful media sizes.

    Greg announced that he will be presenting on Logic via Distributive Laws at BACAT (Bay Area Categories And Types) on October 29th at Santa Clara University. He’ll also be speaking at Ethereum’s DEVCON2 in Shanghai , which runs from September 19-24.

    Ed has worked through another edition of the Platform Architecture document. This is mainly for developers and people who want to build on the platform, and is still in draft form, with a version soon to be posted on our website.

    View the entire Weekly Community Hangout 71

    Project 11, Synereo’s 1,111,111 AMP Dev Incentive Package, is making headway and will soon be live on our site.

    The BTTF crowd fund material is ready for the September release. Please contact [email protected] for more details about getting lined up early for this event.

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