[ANN] DefenceCoin [DEF] - X11 Masternode POS/PW | the future of Cryptocurrency

  • What is Defence Coin?--------------------------

    Defencecoin is the easiest and strongest Cryptocurrency.
    Defencecoin will be the future of Cryptocurrency.
    Defencecoin will be make strong personal cryptocurrency’s wallet and safe.
    Do you want to protect your Cryptocurrency? DefenceCoin will protect your Cryptocurrency.
    I hope together with the future of Cryptocurrency.

    Road Map--------------------------

    2018 Q2

    Website, Wallet Release(Win, Mac, Linux)

    Defence blockchain Block Start

    Defence White-Paper V1.0 Release

    Listing on Exchange(Cryptobridge or coinexchange.io)

    2018 Q3

    Android, iOS Wallet Release

    Listing on Coinmarketcap

    Defence Security Wallet Beta Release

    Defence Promotion

    Defence White-Paper V2.0 Release

    --------------------------Coin Specs--------------------------

    Name: Defence Coin
    Ticker: DEF
    Algo: X11
    Block Time: 60 Seconds
    Masternode Collateral: 1000 DEF
    Total Supply: 25,000,000 DEF
    Pre-Mine: 250,000 DEF


    Coming Soon


    Coming Soon


    Coming Soon


    1. Invite bounties
        1st : 200 DEF
        2nd : 100 DEF
        3rd : 50DEF
        4-10th : 30DEF

    2. Translation bounties
        50 DEF each for bitcointalk translation
        : available first  10 languages

    * Bounty fee will be given after auction, since the listing on the exchange is over


    Defence Coin Networks Start : 22. 4. 18. 00:00 UTC

    Defence Coin 1st Presale Start : 2018. 4. 22. 15:00 UTC

    Official Website Open : 22. 4. 18. 15:00 UTC



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