London Football Exchange (LFE) - The World's first football stock exchange and fan marketplace


    The London Football Exchange (LFE) will serve over 4 billion fans worldwide, football is by far the most popular sport in the world attracting people from all countries. Not only is football the most watched game in the world with the FIFA World Cup being watched by almost 3.9 billion people, it is also one of the wealthiest sports in the world. The LFE introduces a new way for Fans to participate in the football experience that goes beyond the football field, including special events that can only be purchased through the LFE with our tokens. Football Clubs will provide these unique experiences along with the opportunity for fans to become fractional owners of their favorite team. All this and more is being created by the LFE to enhance participation in the worlds sport. The LFE Group is commented to being the only global conduit for football fan engagement as well as club financing while promoting the social good, youth development and gender equality.


    LFE intends to work with participating stadiums, venues, and the surrounding community to develop exclusive
    LFE member experiences with convenience, value and premium services all at lower cost through the LFE suite
    of services enabled on the LFE platform and token-based services.
    Going to a football match brings drama, excitement, and often an expensive price for the day out with your
    family and friends. Blockchain not only enables new technology for payments, ticketing, rewards, and other core
    services; it creates entirely new business models with reduced cost, fraud, and more efficient ecosystems for
    the participating stakeholders. This allows for better economic models for businesses and the loyal fans so they
    can have access to better services at a reduced cost. The blockchain enabled ecosystem provides support from
    the community, businesses, teams, players and the stadium.


    As a fan you will be able to use your tokens to: Purchase Unique Experiences with your favorite team both on and off the field Obtain insider prices for premium seats at selected games Obtain fractional ownership of your team Exchange ideas and be part of a worldwide vibrant community Donate to football related charities


    Each transaction within the LFE ecosystem, whether its indirectly buying equity in your favourite
    football club
    or buying unique experiences and match tickets, will be powered by the LFE Tokens. The LFE Tokens act as a
    single payment source within the LFE marketplace which help eliminate global payment friction and also allow
    global users to avoid foreign exchange fees and long wait times for the payments to clear. The irreversible
    and immutable nature of blockchain based tokens help eliminate fraud and chargebacks that are typical of
    the traditional payment systems. This not only helps save a lot of expenses related to fraud detection but also
    enables the football clubs to have liquidity access much more quickly compared to traditional methods.
    Not only will this help simplify the payment infrastructure for the clubs and leagues, but it will also help them
    reduce the payment processing costs that result in lost revenue for these organisations. All these payments
    are intended to be made possible via an LFE wallet that would contain all balances of the LFE Tokens and
    the respective club equity tokens (where applicable). Using the LFE Tokens all such payments will be handled
    effectively at a nominal processing fee.

    - LFE Tokens are intended to be used to make payments online in the LFE Market with a convenient
    mobile wallet. LFE fans are expected to be able to make purchases while earning LFE loyalty points at
    supporting participating LFE stadium venues, and the surrounding community including restaurants,
    shops, and other locations with increased security, convenience and at a fraction of the cost of
    traditional payment options.

    - The LFE Payment services are intended to extend beyond retail type payments to include peer-to-peer
    (P2P) payments, gifting and other unique and novel services.

    - There will not be the possibility for LFE Contributors to redeem or “cash in” LFE Tokens as there will be no
    claim against the issuer of the LFE Token





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