Status Alpha 0.9.17 Release

  • 0.9.17 — Launchpad

    As promised in our last release notes, the research and development Status has done over the last two months on Whisper v6 has led to massive reductions in both the data and battery power used by the app.

    From early alpha releases that could consume up to 10GB of data in a day if left unattended, we have optimized both Whisper itself and our client-side handling of messages to reduce this to just 10–20MB per day. This is the same order of magnitude for all other major instant messengers, while Status remains committed to decentralization.

    The various updates to Whisper and our client-side handling have reduced CPU/Battery usage by over 120% compared to our last upgrade. Gone are the days when Status could seem unstable! Our security audit is 50% complete, with some minor and one major bug found so far. In other words, things are moving along exactly as planned.

    We have always emphasised that working both with and for the improvement of Ethereum as a whole is our highest priority. Actively participating in R&D on Whisper and LES with various people from The Foundation to freelance developers working on the cutting edge has been both deeply motivating and an indication of the kind of collaboration that is really possible in this ecosystem.

    We have also tested and added a entire smorgasboard of great new DApps, from well-known ones like CryptoKitties to with tons of potential like PeepEth. There is currently a curated list of over 20 of the top Ethereum DApps now available directly through Status!

    Please note: many of these DApps are deployed on mainnet. While we are testing these vigorously, we cannot release a build with mainnet enabled to our general group of testers while we are still going through the security audit. Once this has been complete, all your favourite DApps will be easily and instantly accessible from your pocket, without a single server standing between you and them!

    Private group chats have also temporarily been removed during testing on the new protocol.

    You will also need to recover your account or create a new profile, as some changes in the messaging protocol are not backwards-compatible. Take this new version for a test drive and let us know what you think!

    New and improved:

    Bug Fixes:

    • Fixed swipe delete action
    • Fixed debug mode
    • Some small bugs with profile editing
    • Message ordering fixes
    • “Open DApp” button fixed
    • Screen fixed for gas limit
    • Fixed missing DApp descriptions
    • Removed breaking default contact

    Get Involved

    Status is an open source project, and if you’d like to get involved with development — the single best way would be to build Status for yourself, explore our open issues. We prefer to hire core contributors based on Pull Requests.

    If you feel you can help us grow our community in other ways, we’d love to hear your ideas. You can also Tweet at us, like our Facebook or subscribe to the Status Subreddit. The best place to get in contact with us and join the conversation is our Riot channel!

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