Finding the Perfect Bonus in Free Bets Giveaway and More

  • The fun and exciting world gambling has become a popular pastime for people around the world. Some prefer to use actual money or fiat currencies, some discovered the wonders of bitcoins and other Cryptocurrencies. Regardless of what you use, gambling is fun. With the discoveries of other modern hobby, gambling has tap into the world of esports gambling, particularly in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO).

    Along with gambling, here comes the prizes and bonuses. The freebies and rewards that keep people’s engine running all throughout the game. Your online sportsbook provides all this once you sign-up and once you stay for a long period of time. There are many types of esports betting bonuses and the best thing to do is take advantage of them before you run out of time!

    1. Free Bets Giveaway - In simpler terms, a free bet  is an amount of money that a bookmaker  credits to your account, allowing you to bet on particular CSGO event or if you’re lucky, any type of sports or tournament. This is a good opportunity for you to start your betting journey since you won’t lose anything in free bets giveaway.

    2. Sign-up Bonus - These are bonuses present at almost all sportsbook once you sign-up. Some require you to make an initial deposit, but some will let you runaway with free bitcoins. In many cases, sign-up bonuses are percentage of your first bet or first deposit, usually between 10 percent to 100 percent. This bonus amount will usually be somewhere between 10% and 100% of the deposit. You cannot, however, withdraw the said amount. You have to use it for betting on the betting site you signed up to.

    3. Reload Bonus - Coming for the name itself, these are the reloaded credits from your account. Reload bonuses are available for existing users or long-time users. Some sportsbook offer it occasionally (during events like DreamHack Open and ESL Pro League). They are usually smaller in size than sign-up bonuses.

    4. Cash Back Bonus - If you encounter a series of unfortunate event in your betting journey, cash back bonus is the best freebies for you. Sportsbook allows you the get back a percentage of your lost wager. The average percentage of cash back all sportsbook take out of a lost wager is 20%.

    5. High Roller Bonus - These are for bettors who never leave the sportsbook. Those who deposit a large amount of bitcoins and win larger amounts in return. Like any bonus, the sportsbook only gives a percentage of your deposit or bet. But once you deposit a large sum, you’re in for a larger treat in a high roller bonus.

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