LoL Betting 101: Monthly Power Rankings

  • The playoffs is getting nearer now. But with three of the five major regions and qualifiers for the Mid-Season Invitational underway, the progress and changes in the power rankings will be taking a short break. This means that we only have the March power rankings for the rest of April.

    However, don’t get too comfortable with your LoL betting strategies and predictions because you still need to reflect on the top five teams in LoL for the month of March. The top teams with impressive records might help you make better decisions when the time comes, preferably on LDL Spring Finals 2018, NA Academy League Summer 2018, or LCL Summer 2018. Without further ado, here are the top 5 best players for the month of March:

    1. Kingzone DragonX (LoL Champions Korea)

    March Series Record: 7-0
    March Game Record: 14-2

    Korean team Kingzone DragonX is the top player on our power rankings and charts from preseason tournament. Some esports experts claim that their unbeatable stances this season were due to the addition of Jungler Han "Peanut" Wang-ho. Kingzone Dragon X remains the top 1 for months now, they keep coming back for the top spot! They only left the spot for a while when KSV sports beat them on Week 1.

    2.  Invictus Gaming (LoL Pro League)

    March Series Record: 8-0
    March Game Record: 16-0

    Chinese team Invictus Gaming is the top 2 best team in our list. They are one of the greatest rivals of Kingzone Dragon when it comes to regional tournaments. But specifically in China, there are no other teams that can beat Invictus Gaming. After all, they are the first LPL team to be automatically qualified for the semifinals.

    3. Afreeca Freecs (LoL Champions Korea)

    March Series Record: 6-1
    March Game Record: 12-4

    Yes, we have another South Korean team in the power rankings. Why? It is the top country with the the biggest prize pool wins in LoL since last year. In your LoL betting journey, there must always be a South Korea team involved. Afreeca Freecs won most of their matches for the half of 2018 even without their top player, Jang "MaRin" Gyeong-hwan.

    4. KT Rolster (LoL Champions Korea)

    March Series Record: 5-2
    March Game Record: 11-5

    Coming in number 4 is South Korean KT Rolster. The team recently announced that their organization will continue to handpick their 2017 lineup for all LoL tournaments in 2018. Despite losing to their long-time rival, Samsung Galaxy (now KSV Esports) twice in a row, KT Rolster is still considered as one of the best teams in South Korea for the majority of 2017.

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