• PacManCoin was founded in early 2018 by a group of friends in Japan. Japan being the birth place of the famous PacMan game, the group started the project to continue the legacy of Japanese commitment to offer something unique to the world. Even though gaming industry is all set to touch 120 billion dollar, the gaming enthusiasts are still deprived of having a single payment option and PacManCoin will serve this purpose.

    Source Credit goes to Newzoo

    We at PacManCoin aim to create a self-sustainable community of digital game lovers and offer them a platform that can make every single digital game of the world available for them on a click of button.
    PacManCoin will solve a biggest problem of today’s time by being a global currency to perform any trade in the gaming industry of size close of 130 billion US dollars.

    PacManCoin strength is its ability to secure the transaction by implementing hybrid cryptography algorithms and ensuring lighting fast transfer of PacManCoin as it has incorporated Dash’s decentralized blockchain governance system.
    It offers great opportunities for users to mine (POW) as well as stake (POS) with 50% reward that is best in the world for any POS coin.

    PacManCoin demand will go tremendously high with time as it is going to be the first global currency for gaming industry

    PacManCoin pave a path for Gamers and gaming industry

    Unique Value Proposition:

    Underlined Technology

    We do not want to waste our time in re-investing the wheel rather we focused on improvising the existing block chain technology to make it suitable and extremely powerful for our project success. PacMan project is completely dependent on its own block chain and generation of coins is automatic technologically. We have in incorporated best of breed protocols used by many successful projects like Bitcoin, Dash and Black Coins.

    Profitable Masternodes Reward System

    Masternodes are a section of the infrastructure of a certain group of crypto currencies. They are computer servers and provide services to cryptocurrency users. Masternode coins were developed so as to give the coin owners more control and more yield. One way that Masternode generates is yield is by offering services to the crypto currency infrastructure.

    Masternode coins are improved by people’s creativity

    The Masternode system utilizes people’s competitiveness and creativity to get ideas of improving the coin. The best ideas are generated from proposals submitted by coin holders. These ideas improve the currency value which in turn increase the block reward. The value of the Yield depends on: ● The coin value during the trading session.
    ● Payout frequency.
    ● The cost of hosting the node.
    ● The cost of the coins.

    PacManCoin transactions are anonymous

    All PacManCoin transactions can be seen but at the same time, transaction owner’s confidentiality will remain intact until they are willing to reveal it.

    ICO and ICO Fund Usage:

    Our main goal is to establish a working Organization with cash positive revenue stream in the shortest time frame possible and achieve a stable growth of the organization and community. That is why we have set a maximum purchase of 10,000 PMC per round and a minimum purchase of PMC token for each contributor during the ICO.
    The PACMAN ICO crowd sale will have one Pre-Sale and 29 rounds. If all PMC coins in a round get sold out, we will move on to the next directly, but at a higher price. Due to expected high demand for Pacman ICO – there will be a cap of max 10,000 PMC per round per account. There is a bonus system in place. Example: If you buy 10,000 (PMC) coins you get 1500 (PMC) coins as a bonus (15%).


    ICO Fund Usage

    Minimum Investment- 50 PMC
    Maximum Investment- 10000 PMC
    Token Price- .30 US dollar cents

    Road Map:

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