Qtum Update Electrum Wallet v0.18.3 beta

  • What's new

    • fix OS X Sierra crash
    • enable seed ext
    • fix a race condition in synchronizer


    • Trezor uses bitcoin mode for now, it shows bitcoin type address when signing transactions.

    Hash Validation

    Hash: SHA256
    If you would like to validate that the binaries you download are exactly the same as those provided and built by the Qtum team, then you can compare your binaries to the following sha256sum hashes:
    c181c96906cee8ef5d9740adf14b5f9f1a3be03f9ec1ab34e093d40a9838aec3  Qtum-electrum-osx-v0.18.3.dmg
    0638f5f17fed197ab086e41bb492568a36865f2122dab51f96bd8802a3042586  Qtum-electrum-win-v0.18.3.exe
    4e14bf1b8f4e05e1f71f3716823ff1d60cee210cacd914e2e3f4cb4fc56ee6e0  Qtum-electrum-win-v0.18.3-portable.exe
    e490e3f11aa5b9e31892f1a71884ad325dfd827d7bc59d47dd0ebef9384b2483  Qtum-electrum-win-v0.18.3-setup.exe

    Source code 


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