SwissRealCoin - Switzerland’s first real estate crypto token


    Game changing : The real estate market is one of the globally largest, but to our experience still
    very intransparent and inefficient industries. SwissRealCoin (SRC) commits to bringing real
    estate assets onto the Blockchain to revolutionize the real estate asset management and
    old-world transaction system by introducing transparency, data integrity and cost efficiency. We
    believe that the SRC is the most important use-case for real-estate on the Blockchain.

    Solid Environment : The SRC shall be grounded on the solid economic and political
    environment in Switzerland. Swiss real estate has proven to be one of the globally most crisis
    resistant values. The SRC is directly linked to Swiss real estate assets, professionally set up by
    real estate and PropTech experts, and is compliant with the relevant regulatory requirements.

    Growth Potential and Downside Protection : We believe that the market price and the inner
    value of a SRC (which is based on the SRC real estate portfolio) should be closely linked to
    avoid volatility. If the market price of the SRC exceeds the inner value of the SRC by two times,
    the SRC smart contract therefore will issue additional SRCs at market price to increase the
    inner value (see below for details). With this mechanism, the SRC shall allow for high growth
    potential while limiting volatility and protecting downside. In addition, the reinvestment of the
    majority of the net rental income shall also continuously increase the inner value of the SRC.


    Benefit from the Blockchain Technology to increase transparency, data integrity and

    It is our technological vision to bring real estate onto the Blockchain and to build intellectual
    property (IP) around it. In our view, due diligence costs due to asymmetric information during
    the transfer of ownership of real estate assets can be drastically reduced as the Blockchain
    technology provides permanent, non-corruptible and complete access to all information about
    the properties. Data integrity can massively increase efficiency for transactions.

    Full transparency on the underlying properties

    Each SRC holder shall benefit from the advantage of an improved asset management on the
    Blockchain. The mobile/internet dashboard will allow ready and permanent access to property
    data of the portfolio. Tenancy and vacancy, income and expenses as well as asset
    management achievements are trackable immediately and at all times.

    PropTech 2.0

    We introduce new standards by disrupting the real estate market using the Blockchain. A
    complete ecosystem, powered by programmable business processes in form of smart contracts,
    creates game-changing market opportunities for the real estate industry and modern proptech
    trends to follow.

    SwissRealCoin Explained


    Q2 2017 Idea Creation & Concept
    Q3 2017 Founders & Team Search
    Q4 2017 Business Plan / Legal
    January 19 Public Announcement & Start Registration Phase
    March 1 $SRC Reservation Phase
    March Start Roadshow
    May 23 Start ICO
    June Start IP Development & Sourcing + Acquisition RE
    October Investor Dashboard 1.0 Live
    2019 GermanRealCoin
    2020 EuropeanRealCoin
    2021 UK, Japan, Russia, South Korea
    2022 Middle East
    2023 Brasil, China, Venezuela
    2024 Global Real Estate (+ US, CAN)

    Pre -  Sale


    Private sale to shareholders, “friends & family”, partners and early SRC community members.

    First 25 million with 25% bonus

    25.1-50 million with 15% bonus

    50.1-75 million with 7% bonus

    * No tokens should be available for purchase or subscription before a no - action letter from FINMA has been obtained and a prospectus has been published

    This is indicative only and can be changed by Crypto Real Estate AG without notice should need arise . Final information to published in the Terms & Conditions of the Prospectus of the Pre-Sale and of the ICO.

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