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  • What is Typerium?

    Type and image create a global language that connects us, allowing us to experience each other regardless of our background, culture, or the language we speak. Here is our vision:

    TYPERIUM BOUNTY REWARDS We're Giving Away 30,000,000 TYPE Tokens...


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    All of these problems will be solved by the Typerium application. It is a multi-layered
    platform that brings together creative design software and a marketplace to buy and sell
    creative content, as well as intellectual property (IP) protection, a reputation system, a
    payment gateway, a token and a wallet, all based on the Ethereum blockchain.

    All of these problems will be solved by the Typerium application. It is a multi-layered
    platform that brings together creative design software and a marketplace to buy and sell
    creative content, as well as intellectual property (IP) protection, a reputation system, a
    payment gateway, a token and a wallet, all based on the Ethereum blockchain.
    Initially, the Typerium trust and reputation system, payment gateway, TYPE Token and
    wallet will be used in the Typerium Creative Marketplace, but the technology will then be
    expanded to third party platforms so that they can also take advantage of its benefits.
    These systems will leverage the latest technology to:
    • Bring more trust to the marketplace and reduce fraud.
    • Significantly reduce fees and transfer times.
    • Allow creators to authenticate and track their intellectual property.
    • Decentralise power, giving creators and small businesses more control and security.

    • Design & Content Creation Software

    Typerium’s software will help to build the bridge between everyday people and stunning
    visual design. By suggesting typographical layouts, image pairings, font pairings, filters
    and more, users will be able to create beautiful pieces of content without any prior design
    experience. It will be easy to use, allowing budding creators to publish their content to
    major social media networks within seconds. Because it is decentralised, users will also
    be able to download the content to their computers, upload it to websites, use it as part of
    their blog, as headers, as images and more.

    • The Typerium Creative Marketplace

    The Typerium platform will also include a marketplace where creators can distribute
    their content. It will essentially give creators their own shop where they can sell their
    content for TYPE Tokens, Typerium’s own cryptocurrency.
    Creators will receive 85% of the commission for their sales, with 3% going towards a
    reward program for Typerium users, 2% being redistributed to those who leave reviews
    and 10% going towards the operation of the platform. TYPE tokens can be used to buy
    font packs, image packs, filter packs and more, and they will also be exchangeable for
    The marketplace will be easy for buyers to use as well. They will be able to find great
    content by browsing through the Best Selling, New and What’s Hot sections and then
    either purchasing what they like or licensing it out.
    The marketplace will use Typerium’s own blockchain-based trust and reputation system,
    payment gateway, token and IP protection to bring a host of benefits to its users (see
    section 3.4 for details).

    •  Social Media Network

    One of the central aspects of Typerium is its social media network. This works together
    with the other elements to provide a cohesive and holistic system that makes it easy for
    users to create, share, buy and sell content.

    The Typerium app is fast and easy to use, allowing creators to share their content to
    linked social media accounts within seconds. All they have to do is create the content,
    click publish, select whichever social media network they want, and it will be published
    there straight away.
    The social media network will help to build a creative community where users can
    follow, like, comment and share with others. They will also be able to chat privately
    about creative ideas or just to catch up. All of these elements will bring users together,
    providing a community that uplifts, motivates and inspires both content creators and
    To encourage the growth of a thriving and positive social network, Typerium will reward
    users for high quality contributions. This will drive creators to help each other and
    produce even better content.

    • Intellectual Property Protection

    Typerium’s blockchain technology will provide another advantage to creators,
    allowing them to timestamp their creations and intellectual property. This will provide
    authentication and certification that verifies the content’s owner, allowing them to track
    their content and keep it safe from intellectual property thieves.
    It does this through the concept of Proof of Existence, which allows users to store the
    hash of a file that is linked to both the times that the file was submitted and when it was
    created. It is done securely and anonymously, allowing users to publicly prove that they
    possessed a certain file or data, without revealing their identity.
    Typerium’s Proof of Existence system uses the Ethereum blockchain to store the file’s
    hash in an immutable data structure. The advantage of this is that there is no need for a
    central authority, so users can maintain their complete anonymity.
    If a creator wants to protect one of their creations or some intellectual property, they can
    use Typerium to store the file’s hash on the Ethereum blockchain. This will enable them
    to prove that they were the original creator without publicly identifying themselves, and
    there will be no doubt about the ownership of the file.

    • The Typerium Solution: More Trust, Faster & Cheaper

    Payments, Proprietary Wallet & Token
    The Typerium platform is a multi-layered system, and some of the key aspects are its
    universal trust and reputation system, payment gateway, TYPE Token and wallet. All of
    these systems will utilise blockchain technology to provide an ecosystem with more
    security, greater efficiency and lower fees.
    At first, these aspects will be developed for use within the Typerium Creative
    Marketplace, but over time they will be used by third party online retailers (such as
    Shutterstock or Amazon) so that they can also reap the benefits.

    *  A Universal & Transferable System for Trust & Reputation
    Typerium will have its own blockchain-based trust and reputation system for use in
    its marketplace, as well as for third party platforms. This system will be universal,
    transferable, self-executing, free from control by a central authority, and it will work
    flawlessly alongside the Typerium payment solution.
    The trust and reputation system will give more control and transparency, and also
    reduce the incidence of fraud between Typerium’s creators and buyers, as well as third
    party users. All transactions will be recorded over the Ethereum blockchain, and smart
    contracts will be used to automatically update ratings based on the performance and
    history of buyers and sellers, which will be available for all to see.
    Typerium’s system will have an automatic conflict management system, as well as
    reviews, which will help all parties to make informed decisions on who they do business
    with (see section 4.1 for more details on how the system works).

    * Blockchain-based Payment Gateway

    The payment gateway will be used for transactions within the Typerium Creative
    Marketplace at first, but eventually the technology will be available for third party
    retailers to use alongside other payment methods, such as PayPal and credit cards.
    Typerium’s payment solution will have many advantages over traditional methods. These
    • One step transactions instead of up to 16.
    • Transactions that are up to 700 times faster (just 15 minutes instead of up to a
    week for international transfers).
    • A single fee of 1.5% (traditional payment methods can have international transfer
    fees of 4.4%, chargeback fees and more).
    • Making it easier to accept mobile payments.
    • Making chargeback fraud impossible
    These benefits will apply to both the content creators who sell via the Typerium Creative
    Marketplace, as well as to third party merchants who integrate Typerium’s technology as
    part of their payment systems.
    The Typerium payment gateway is decentralised by using Ethereum’s smart contracts
    and will be able to accept Ethereum-based cryptocurrencies. This means that creators
    and customers can participate in global, decentralised commerce with total trust.

    * Integrated Wallet & TYPE Tokens

    The application will also include an integrated mobile wallet that can be used to transfer
    TYPE Tokens across the Typerium Creative Marketplace. In the future, TYPE Tokens will
    also be used to buy and sell goods in third party marketplaces. There will be mobile,
    desktop and app wallets that will show the user’s balance, transactional data, any
    earnings and more.
    Users will be able to convert TYPE Tokens to Ethereum on exchanges. The applications
    and wallets will be developed with the highest level of security, so your TYPE tokens will
    be kept safe and can only be accessed with your private key.

    How the Typerium Wallet Works

    A merchant’s Typerium wallet acts like a bank account, storing funds and enforcing
    security. The biggest difference is that with Typerium, the account is only controlled by
    the merchant, as opposed to normal bank accounts where the bank has control. Banks
    run the databases that show your account’s status and whether money is available for a
    particular transaction, so when you use them, you have to trust the bank for the safety
    of your money. Typerium shifts this balance of power. Because it is decentralised, it will
    not be able to suspend, hold or prevent any transactions. Instead, Typerium creates
    permission-less transactions that will be instantly guaranteed by smart contracts.
    Typerium removes the uncertainty associated with not knowing where money is and
    why it’s being withheld.

    • Case Study: How Typerium’s Merchant Fees Work in Practice

    Steve is the owner of a small e-commerce store that sells T-shirts for $10. He has always
    been frustrated by the high transactions fees that he has had to pay banks and other
    intermediaries. One day, he found out about Typerium through a financial news article
    and decided to try it out. It only took him a few minutes to get started and now the
    transaction money goes directly from the buyer into his account. Steve can now accept
    mobile payments and also pays significantly less for his transactions.
    Steve used to pay 2-6% of the purchase price in fees, plus a fixed rate of between $0.1
    and $0.7 for each transaction. Now he pays just 1.5% with Typerium, which averages out
    at about five times cheaper. Typerium exchanges Ethereum-based currencies with his
    local currency and sends the money to his bank according to predefined settings (they
    can be set automatically or upon request), making the whole process much simpler.

    • Case Study: Typerium’s Improved Transaction Times

    For 12 years, David has had an online business that sells various home appliances to
    customers from around the world. He knows that money is just a digit that must be
    exchanged once the transaction is made. The delay between the sale and the funds
    showing up in his account frustrates him, since there is no genuine reason for such
    an inconvenience. If the client is local, the funds show up in his bank account within
    three days. If the client is from the other side of the world, it may take up to a week. He
    has to trust the client and the banks because he ships the product before he receives
    the funds, and the funds could also be held up at the payment gateway for a week.
    Because of the time it takes for him to receive the money, he often experiences cash
    flow problems and is not able to pay his suppliers. One day, David’s friend told him
    about Typerium and how it only takes about fifteen minutes to receive the money after a
    purchase is made. With Typerium, David can also accept mobile payments. He no longer
    has to trust banks or payment gateways, which has solved his cash flow problems. He
    receives the funds, can ship products instantly and can order more products without the
    fear of not being able to pay his suppliers

    Product Development Roadmap

    This product development timeline may not be final and it is subject to change,
    depending on the feedback we receive from our initial customers.

    Phase 1: TYPE Protocol
    This is the technology that powers the Typerium ecosystem and the app.

    Phase 2: Typerium Wallet Development
    The Typerium wallet will allow users to store and exchange TYPE tokens.

    Phase 3: An Exchange that Converts TYPE to Ethereum (built into the application)
    This phase will allow users to convert TYPE Tokens to Ethereum.

    Phase 4: Decentralised Typerium Application Platform Alpha
    The Alpha version of the Typerium application will demonstrate the overall functions,
    allow testing and give us time to fix any bugs.

    Phase 5: Decentralised Typerium Application Platform Beta
    The Beta version will be a more refined and updated version of the application that is
    ready to roll out to the market.

    Phase 6: Multi Platform Development
    This will include direct social media integration and a desktop downloadable version.

    Phase 7: Integrate TYPE Tokens as a Global Payment Method
    Typerium will begin offering TYPE Tokens as a payment method for online content


    1.Revenue Share

    Typerium will charge merchants a transaction fee of 1.5%. One third of this fee (0.5%
    of the total) will go to the Rewards Pool. The other 1% will go to the company as
    revenues. Typerium’s flat transaction fee is significantly lower than traditional payment
    methods, which charge around 0.25% of the total plus US$0.10, on top of the 4.4% for
    international transfers.
    When something is sold on the Typerium Creative Marketplace, the seller will receive
    85%, while 3% will go to the Rewards Pool, 2% to users who provide reviews, and 10%
    will go to the Typerium platform. The TYPE Tokens that accumulate in the Rewards Pool
    will be redistributed among all TYPE holders who have more than 1000 TYPE Tokens in
    their wallet. The graph below shows how the distribution will play out:

    2. Charity

    Typerium wants to do more than just provide convenient and cheap solutions to creators
    and businesses. As a responsible company, it sees itself as having a role in helping to
    make the world a better place. Inline with this attitude, Typerium will be donating 3% of
    all raised funds and future profits to charities and other organisations throughout the
    It will do this with a two year structure that will allow the company to make donations
    each quarter. After the two initial donations, Typerium will reach out to its users to help
    select the causes that they want to help. The community will then come together and
    vote on whether they want the money assigned to help the homeless, animal rescue,
    mental health or a variety of other causes.
    The more Typerium grows, not only will it be able to help more people with the solutions
    that its technology provides, but the more money it will be able to donate to needy

    3. Marketing & Strategy

    Typerium’s primary strategies for growth are to embrace the network effect and to offer a
    loyalty program that incentivises the use of the service.

    • The Network Effect

    The marketing strategy focuses on creating a network effect with Typerium’s
    decentralised trust and reputation system. The bowling pin strategy will also be used,
    starting off with a niche market (the existing crypto community), then moving to other
    niches and broader markets.

    Stage 1: Supply Side
    The marketing strategy focuses on creating a network effect with Typerium’s
    decentralised trust and reputation system. The bowling pin strategy will also be used,
    starting off with a niche market (the existing crypto community), then moving to other
    niches and broader markets.

    Stage 2 : Education
    In this stage, the main goal is to educate the initial client base in the crypto community.
    The main value propositions of Typerium are its decentralised trust system, reduced
    fees and lack of spending limit.

    Stage 3: Broader Market Adoption
    1. Just like in its initial stages of expansion into the crypto community, Typerium will
    focus on the supply side first and work to become accepted in even more locations

    2. It will then focus on educating the general public. Supply will increase exposure and
    people will be more willing to try it through trusted merchants.
    3. Once more consumers are willing to pay with their mobile phones at trusted
    merchants, more merchants will join the network so that they don’t lose out to their
    The chart below shows how the Typerium ecosystem will grow:

    •  How the Network Effect Works

    The marketing strategy focuses on creating a network effect with Typerium’s
    decentralised trust and reputation system. The bowling pin strategy will also be used,
    starting off with a niche market (the existing crypto community), then moving to other
    niches and broader markets.
    By focusing first on the supply side, Typerium will be making its network significantly
    more useful. Once its product achieves a certain scale of utility, users will realise its
    benefits and demand will soon come to meet supply. As more users join in, the network
    will become even more valuable and the effect starts to drive itself. The diagram below
    shows how the network effect takes hold.

    • Loyalty Program

    In order to encourage the network effect and create a thriving ecosystem for the
    Typerium token, there will be a loyalty program for merchants. When merchants use the
    loyalty program, their clients will receive a 2% (this percentage may change over time)
    return in TYPE Tokens of the value of the transaction. These tokens are covered by the
    Typerium Reward Pool, so the merchant will still receive full payment.
    This incentive will make clients seek out merchants that are part of the loyalty program,
    which in turn incentivises merchants to become part of it. If a merchant wants to
    promote their business, they can offer larger loyalty discounts for their clients by
    adjusting the loyalty settings in the interface.


    The Typerium crowd sale and the corresponding token creation process will be issued
    by Typerium Limited and be organised using smart contracts running on Typerium-
    Ethereum. Participants who wish to support the development of the Typerium Project
    can do so by sending Ether currency to the designated address.

    • The “soft” cap will be set at 5% of the crowd sale goal, this equates to roughly
    $2,000,000 USD worth of Ethereum (fixed at 3,750 ETH($533.33)) being received from
    investors. This amount is subject to change.
    • The crowdsale period will endure for no longer than 70 (seventy) days, or until the
    “hard” cap ($40,000,000 USD worth of Ethereum) is reached, whichever is sooner.
    • If the “soft cap” is reached prior to the end of the 70 (seventy) day crowd sale
    period, additional purchases of TYPE tokens by investors will be permissible of up to
    1,000,000,000 TYPE tokens being sold in total. This is 50% of the total TYPE tokens in
    • Should the contributions received during this 70 (seventy) day period be deemed
    insufficient to cover the operating and development costs (“soft” cap), 100% of investor
    funds will be returned as per the Ethereum smart contract.

    • ERC-20 tokens that are not sold during the crowd sale period will be burned

    automatically, as per the Ethereum smart contract.
    • The purchasing rate of TYPE Tokens is reflective of the market price of ETH/USD.
    • The minimum investor contribution is $10 worth of Ethereum.
    • The ERC-20 tokens purchased will be sent to the purchasers wallet immediately.
    • 50% of each investor’s tokens will be locked up for four months by the smart contract
    to help combat volatility. As an example, if an investor buys 1,000 TYPE Tokens, they
    can freely sell and trade 500 of them, but the other 500 will be locked for a four month
    period. Once this period ends, the investor can sell or trade them as they please.
    • In the bonus program, an investor will receive a percentage of bonus TYPE Tokens in
    addition to the sum they have purchased, according to the percentages listed above.

    Pre-Sale Details

    Typerium’s primary strategies for growth are to embrace the network effect and to offer a
    loyalty program that incentivises the use of the service.
    Pre-sale: May 21, 2018 -June 25, 2018
    Tokens to sell: 300,000,000 TYPE
    Bonus program: Round 1 (5%), Round 2 (10%), Round 3 (15%), Round 4 (20%),
    Round 5 (50%). Based on ascending order.
    Initial price: 1000 TYPE = 0.0195 ETH
    Token delivery date: Up to 30 business days after the token sale

    Token Sale Details

    Token sale: June 26, 2018 - July 23, 2018
    Tokens to sell: 700,000,000 TYPE
    Bonus program: The bonus program is for the pre-sale only
    Soft cap: 300,000,000 TYPE
    Blockchain: Ethereum , ERC20
    Token Ticker: TYPE
    Token Delivery Date: Up to 30 business days after the token sale

    Token Economy

    •  Pre-Sale

    The Pre-sale will only remain open for the amount of time it takes to sell out. This could
    be day one, or it could be the full five weeks. Please bare this is mind if you are looking to
    invest at a later date.

    •  Exchanges

    Once the token sale has reached its soft cap, Typerium will concentrate on applying for
    the list of TYPE Tokens on multiple exchanges. Funds received from the token sale will
    be set aside for this process, because we understand how important this is for investors.

    TYPE Tokens

    TYPE Tokens are the exclusive method of payment for the services on the TYPE
    Protocol. The token’s utility will be its usage by Typerium customers through the
    Typerium platform. TYPE Tokens are ERC20 compatible, ensuring the highest degree
    of security and integration within the TYPE Protocol ecosystem and decentralised
    Typerium platform. All tokens that are not sold through the token sale will be burned.
    The Typerium Token will be an Ethereum-based token of value. The token is a
    digital asset, bearing value by itself based on its underlying assets, properties and/
    or associated rights. Ethereum-based tokens rely on the well-established Ethereum
    infrastructure, benefiting from several advantages:
    • Security and predictability (as opposed to running an independent blockchain
    • The use of robust and well-supported clients (Ethereum-based tokens can be managed
    with official Ethereum clients).
    • High liquidity (interchangeable with other Ethereum-based tokens or Ether), easier
    listing on exchanges with infrastructure already in place. Our Ethereum-based token
    contract complies with the ERC20 standard. More detailed info about the ERC20
    standard can be obtained here.




    white paper:https://www.typerium.io/media/...






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