Stox - Product Overview

  • Information on changes from our Product team on new features and functionality

    1. New Feature: Deposits via Changelly

    A major step is now achieved by adding Changelly as a deposit option allowing users to buy Stox using any other tokens, or Dollars. The purchased STXs will be assigned directly to their Stox wallet.

    Changelly deposit functionality is fully live and accessible via the Deposit icon button.

    Changelly allows you to transfer from one wallet to another within seconds.

    In addition to creating more ease of use for the Stox platform, this partnership allows us to introduce the STX tokens to users that are newcomers to the crypto world.

    2. Boost a Prediction

    Our Community has repeatedly requested the ability to boost prediction power once you’ve already set your prediction amount. Now the platform supports this ability and you can increase your prediction amount with the simple click of a button.

    Boost predictions after you’ve set your amount.

    This gives predictors the opportunity to act on a hot tip or other crucial information they may have received since the time they placed their prediction.

    3. Leaderboard Shows History Archive

    Our Leaderboard has been revised to show the history for each tournament. Now you’re able to see the progression of your prediction power, and see your standing for each tournament in a sequential manner.

    Leaderboard roster now available for previous tournaments

    You can find the Leaderboard and the archive boards in the Stox Academy.

    4. Back-end system

    We have launched the first release of the STOX back-end system. The back-end system will significantly decrease the time spent on predictions management and improve its quality.

    Tool-tips icons with a question mark (?) show more information for more educated predicting.

    We plan to add more tool-tips in the future in different areas of the platform, where more detailed explanation may be required.

    Learn more about all of our features, with tips, tricks and further information on our platform from our Telegram group Community and from our Academy page.

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