EtherZero Weekly News 2018.4.23 -2018.4.29

  • Technical process


    1. Improve the MasterNode basic entity , add the MasterNode independent service and related framework
    2. Added the MasterNode election voting function , and completed compiling the basic work of the voting system
    3. Masternode network node list state maintenance
    4. Manage the P2P network transformation according to the immediate payment needs
    5. The MasterNode preheat smart contract development


    Reconstruct and optimize OpenETZ Code to fix known bugs IOS version development and debugging

    Project cooperation

    EtherZero participated in the first blockchain exposition as a public chain technology partner of the Blockchain Expo. It attracted the attention of thousands of spectators and more than 200 fans joined the EtherZero Community, becoming a veritable star project on the exhibition. The VoteMe chain based on the EtherZero Public Chain was debuted at the first Blockchain Expo and the First World Blockchain Conference. The co-founders of the VoteMe chain interpret the unique eco-community and business model, and they first proposed the concept of “practicing the spirit of the blockchain and the application of blockchains” in the industry, and received extensive support from blockchain peers and special attention from blockchain investors.

    Community Activity

    On April 21st, the DApp developer Salon with the theme of “Technology in daily life, Open for Cooperation” was held in the community of EtherZero in Qianhai, Shenzhen. Through this meeting, participants learned in detail the development history and ecological construction of EtherZero, and discussed how to make blockchain technology available.

    Evgeny, head of the EtherZero Russian core community, will represent
    EtherZero to attend the Russia’s largest blockchain and digital currency
    event, launching the first shot of ETZ propaganda in Russia.

    Press release

    On April 22nd, the EtherZero project participated in the first session of the Universal Blockchain Technology Expo. As a project party, EtherZero team participating in the roadshow and the exhibition. At the meeting, Ms. Chloe, the director of the Press release of EtherZero, gave a speech. She mentioned that there is a worrying phenomenon in China. Many small traditional enterprises are investing in the industry, and this is not the original intention of blockchain technology transforing the traditional industry. The most tangible demand for blockchain technology is to use it in daily life, and EtherZero has a natural advantage in this area: zero TX fee, instant payment, and high TPS. After the road show, a large number of viewers were very interested in EtherZero, and were looking for further diverse cooperation with ETZ team enthusiastically.

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