🛑That’s why we do not have to trust all websites providing ICO listing and rating services.

  • You may already know how many websites have for listing an ICO. But do you notice that few of them are reliable?  Most of them want from ICOs to give them BTC or ETH to add the 

    project on their website, which is okey, but other part of this kind of websites start blackmail the ICOs to give them BTC/ETH for higher score or they will mark it as a scam ICO.

    We want to warn you to be careful in which website you trust and where you list your project.

    Have in mind: Most of this websites don’t give real evaluation for the projects and don`t trust them on 100% . You should examine by yourself when looking to invest in an ICO. Make your own research and use your common sense before deciding to invest in an ICO.

    Why we share this with you?

    A weeks ago we provided to BUSINESS-RATING.COMPANY the necessary information about our ICO project to be listed on their website.

    We do not choose one of their paid offers, so we have to wait longer to list us. In general this is OK, but what happend? We saw that they marked our project as “SCAM”. We decided to write them to ask what is the reason…

    Here is a screenshot with their response:

    No my friend, this is not a business, this is a blackmail!

    And no, we will not pay! You can keep our “SCAM” status, in the end when our platform is ready we will talk again is it a scam or not :)

    Be smart and stay safe! If you have additional questions you can ask us on:




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