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    About Spotcoin

    Spotcoin History

    The digital asset marketplace often mimics a futures market more than a spot
    market. Where others must navigate multiple markets and their corresponding high
    fees to obtain liquidity between fiat currencies and digital assets, Spotcoin provides
    users with an efficient, cost-effective alternative. Spotcoin was founded to meet
    the increasing demand for rapid digital to fiat currency trading with the launch of
    our over-the-counter marketplace. Due to our access to working capital and wellsupplied,
    diversified digital asset accounts, we were able to provide fast, effective
    solutions for our clients by delivering trades that were much closer to the spot price
    at transaction initiation.
    Spotcoin processed over $1M per month in trades just two months after its
    November 2016 launch. Our proof of concept was affirmed as market demand
    increased. The company cleared over $5M in trades by the end of its second
    quarter in operation. Due to the overwhelming response, the founders recognized
    that the business required additional investment to grow its OTC business and
    expand its range of services. What began as an exquisitely simple way to handle
    the digital asset management needs of our colleagues and friends expanded into
    a much broader business. We are honored to bring transparency and innovation
    to this fragmented marketplace. As we move forward toward 2020, pioneers like
    Spotcoin will reshape and further define the marketplace for digital assets and their
    effects on the global economy.

    History Timeline

    Why NEO?

    NEO is an open source, non-profit, community-backed blockchain token platform
    that aims to create a distributed network “Smart Economy.” NEO is ideally suited
    to provide the platform that will best support Spotcoin’s vision for the future. NEO
    was specifically designed to address legal and regulatory requirements for both
    fungible and non-fungible digital assets. NEO also incorporates digital identities
    which makes its network, and any tokens built upon it, ideally suited for satisfying
    know your customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) requirements.
    NEO’s founders intend to work within existing legal and regulatory frameworks to
    bring real world assets to the blockchain. Spotcoin is excited about NEO’s vision
    and is directly allocating company resources to support NEO’s goal of 100,000
    Transactions Per Second by 2020.

    See who we are and hear what we do at Spotcoin

    What does Spot coin do?

    We are an over-the-counter clearing house that provides ease of movement between fiat and cryptocurrencies. With our rapid growth, we've expanded into a multi-faceted powerhouse engaged in mining operations, education in the Black Sea Region, and building a global digital exchange based in Georgia.

    At Spotcoin, we bridge the gap between the traditional banking sector and the emerging digital currency marketplace. We are focused on making the financial institution of the future accessible for everyone.

    Spotcoin Today

    Through our partnership agreement, Spotcoin designed and initiated an
    environmentally friendly $3.25M facility utilizing hydroelectric power scalable up
    to 25MW. Our new facility will house 2,250 GPU miners with capacity to host up to
    9,000 additional units on behalf of clients.

    Spotcoin Tomorrow

    The Spotcore engine will sit at the heart of Spotcoin’s business. Spotcore is a
    process-mapping system that consists of automatic checks on wallet balances,
    fiat / digital exchanges, and trade matching. The Spotcore engine will seamlessly
    integrate each component of Spotcoin’s toolkit. Our fiat to digital asset exchange
    is designed around user experience allowing for fluid movement between
    our digital exchange, mining operations, Spotpay payment system and OTC
    marketplace. Spotcoin’s unified interface provides users with a comfortable, easy
    to navigate experience built upon simplicity.

    Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

    Spotcoin will hold a Private Placement (PP) and Initial Coin Offering (ICO) to raise
    capital for the expansion of its business. Our NEO smart contract will be available
    for public review by April 10, 2018, prior to the Pre-ICO Sale start date on
    May 1, 2018. There will be a maximum of 99,000,000 SPOT tokens, of which
    66.7% (66,000,000 tokens) will be available for sale, and 33.3% (33,000,000
    tokens) which will be reserved for the team and for Spotcoin’s treasury. This 2:1
    ratio will be maintained in the event that the hard cap is not reached.
    SPOT tokens will be priced at $0.50 USD per token during the Public Sale. For
    digital currency contributions, we will use the market price of the digital currency
    at the time of sale to determine the number of tokens to be reserved. Upon
    completion of the ICO, unsold tokens will be burned. If the soft cap is not reached,
    all contributions will be refunded (less transaction fees). SPOT tokens will be
    distributed after our Big 4 accounting audit is completed.
    Eligibility – Spotcoin LLC is incorporated under the laws of Georgia, with its
    registered office located in Tbilisi, Georgia. Investors must adhere to all
    KYC / AML compliance requirements. Currently, there are no regulations for initial
    coin offerings in Georgia. Spotcoin’s Pre-ICO Sale and Public Sale is not open to
    investors in China, South Korea, or the United States of America; however, U.S.
    accredited investors, as well as residents and citizens of China and South Korea may
    participate in the Private Sale via a Simple Agreement for Future Tokens (SAFT).

    Spotcoin ICO Timeline:

    Token Distribution – Spotcoin will use a trusted third-party token distribution service.
    They will not release the tokens until our third-party, Big 4 audit is completed.

    Refund – Tokens that are not sold during the Private Placement, Pre-ICO, or ICO
    will be burned. The quantity of tokens to be burned, if any, will be published along
    with the details of our Big 4 audit. ICO funds will be returned (less transaction fees)
    one month after the third-party audit is completed if the soft cap is not achieved.

    Minimum / Maximum Token Purchase – Spotcoin has instituted a fair token
    distribution policy designed to prevent large investors from manipulating the
    market for SPOT tokens. The maximum allowable purchase for a single investor is
    1,000,000 SPOT tokens and the minimum is 50 SPOT tokens.

    Private Placements – Private Placement investors may submit their KYC / AML
    applications beginning on March 30, 2018 (U.S. investors will also be required to
    demonstrate proof of accredited investor status). Spotcoin’s Private Placement will
    begin on April 10, 2018 and will conclude on June 1, 2018 or once the hard cap is
    reached, whichever comes first.

    Pre-ICO and Public Sale – Pre-ICO and Public Sale investors may submit their
    KYC / AML applications beginning on April 10, 2018 on Spotcoin’s website. The
    Pre-ICO Sale will begin on May 1, 2018 and conclude on May 7, 2018, or when the
    Pre-ICO Sale limit is reached, whichever comes first.

    Treasury – Tokens held in the treasury will be used for creating exchange listing
    liquidity and expanding our business over the next 5 years. Spotcoin will sell
    a maximum of 20% of its initial treasury token balance as of the initial audit
    publication date for each of the next 5 years to fund business expansion.

    Token Utility – SPOT token holders will be entitled to a weekly dividend of 51%
    of the total trading fees generated by Spoitcoin’s digital asset exchange. SPOT
    token holders are also entitled to an additional quarterly dividend of 12% of the net
    profits derived from Spotcoin’s mining, OTC and Spotpay payments businesses.

    Bounty Program – Spotcoin will have two bounty programs as part of its ICO
    marketing campaign; the investor bounty and the marketing bounty. Both programs
    were established to reward our community during the ICO. For more information
    on our bounty program please visit our website.

    ICO Timeline

    Here’s how Spotcoin plans to take advantage of the changing strategic landscape:
    Agility is built into our business model. Innovation and flexibility will enable us to
    rapidly exploit new developments in technology, regulations, and use-cases.












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