Things CSGO Gambling Sites Don’t Always Tell You

  • Esports gambling is on the rise, no doubt about that as more and more people choose to watch their favorite matches and bet Bitcoins on online sportsbook from the comfort of their home. Sure, LAN parties and video games at your friends’ house is still as fun as before but they don’t give you the wildest experience you’ve been looking for.

    You found the adrenaline rush you never knew you needed on CSGO gambling sites. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, or what you always call it--CSGO, has established a position as one of the most important first-person shooter video games of the last decade. But today, it has become a full-fledged lucrative and profit-making industry, an official venue for professional gaming tournaments and matches.

    But these CSGO gambling sites are also after the money and profit, just like you. You need to beat the odds and the sportsbook simultaneously if you want to win and earn Bitcoins. There are many generous and reputable gambling sites, but some greedy ones take advantage of bettors and there are Things they don’t always tell you.

    CSGO betting is almost the same as regular sports betting

    At first glance, you might probably get confused by the terms and system of esports gambling. But in essence, they are no different from team-based traditional sports betting. But take note of the word “almost”. The way of betting is the same at a basic level, but the information and the mechanics always change in esports. In championships like the World Cup, NFL, or NBA  there aren’t too many changes that bettors need to keep track of because the main rules are almost the same since sports was invented. In esports, however, you need to be updated with the tournament format and new updates on the actual game. Esports is powered by technology and developers always add map pools, loot boxes, other features to keep the game interesting as time goes by. The trick? Learn to know the differences between esports and sports, and always be updated about the updates that sportsbooks don’t tell you.

    Special types of bets

    Esports betting has lots of exciting features and many take advantage of these by expanding the list of bets available per matches. Do not go all in, but spread your bets as much as possible. Try the First Blood Bet, Knife Round bet, Pistol Round, Map Betting, Handicap Bet, Top Fragger, and more.

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