Feathercoin (FTC) Release Wallet v0.16.0

    • Wallet defaults to SegWit addresses
    • BIP173 (Bech32) Address support (“fc1…” addresses)
    • HD-wallets by default
    • Performance Improvements
      • Script signature cache reimplemented as a “cuckoo cache”
      • Assumed-valid blocks have been introduced
      • BIP152: Some ompact blocks relayed before being fully validated
      • UTXO cache now claims unused mempool memory
      • P2P networking refactored with focus on concurrency and throughput
      • Chainstate database is now per-output instead of a per-transaction model
      • Full UTXO cache now used
      • Reduced redundant script validation
      • LevelDB upgraded to 1.20
      • Keypool refill sped up
    • ZMQ On Windows
    • Network Activity Toggle
    • Out-of-sync Modal Info Layer
    • Introduction of assumed-valid blocks
    • Sensitive Data Is No Longer Stored In Debug Console History
    • Rescanning with encrypted wallets
    • Fee Estimation Improvements
    • Multi-wallet support
    • Removal of Coin Age Priority
    • Mempool Persistence Across Restarts



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