[ICO] NKOR - The first platform to embed groundbreaking multi-layer index hashing technology on blockchain

  • The teams behind HighTV are developing NKOR, a decentralized platform that utilizes the
    blockchain technology to create an autonomous, next generation marketplace for intellectual
    property (IP) and copyright distribution, enabling content creators to manage their creative work
    as a secure digital asset. Blockchain-based technology will be utilized to revolutionize and
    democratize the current status-quo, in which the entire system of distribution of content, royalties
    and copyrights of contents are generally controlled by large companies and industry
    intermediaries. This will be achieved by embedding a novel technology being developed by
    NKOR in a blockchain-based ecosystem.
    NKOR’s technology authenticates data, which is then linked to a transaction on a blockchain via
    smart contracts, timestamps it to provide an immutable and publicly readable record of copyright,
    and prevents the uploading and sharing of the same data by non licensed entities. We refer to
    this process of data authentication, its timestamping and cementing into a blockchain via smart
    contracts as Anchoring, hence – the NKOR ecosystem.
    The NKOR ecosystem will be based on a cryptographic token called NKR. A tradable token with a
    fixed supply and the purpose of granting its holders with access to the functions of the NKOR
    platform and providing them interoperability with other digital services. The NKR token is fully
    integrated in the NKOR ecosystem and the participation in all of the platform’s components will
    be done exclusively by using NKR tokens. Therefore, as the number of participants in the
    platform grows, the demand and value of the NKR token will rise accordingly.
    NKOR will kick-off by releasing a platform that aims to revolutionize the content distribution and
    IP management industries. By combining blockchain-based technology with our advanced
    Anchoring technology standing in the core of the ecosystem, NKOR will be a facilitator in the next
    evolutionary step of decentralizing these marketplaces and making them more transparent, fair,
    secure and accessible to the masses. The NKOR platform will allow participants to register their
    data, certify its authorship, track its usage, prevent copyright infringements and unauthorized

    uploading of the same content, license usage rights via smart contracts, execute payments and
    provide donations to content creators.
    Due to the complexity of existing copyright laws, which typically vary from jurisdiction to
    jurisdiction, there is a need for a system that can ensure the content authorship of its creator
    beyond the “standard” realm of copyright laws that cover specific common media, such as audio
    and music content. Some copyrights or creative works are not sufficiently protected today, so
    individuals or companies creating new content, for example a new algorithm, might not be able
    to secure their innovative data from being copied or exploited. Moreover, in some cases, a
    copyright holder might not be entitled to seek damages due to infringement of copyrights, this
    situation might occur for instance if a copyright holder did not publish and/or register the work
    prior to the infringement. In such a case, the holder might not be entitled to statutory damages
    available by law. With the NKOR platform, content creators can safeguard their intellectual
    creation rights, as it will be incorporated to the blockchain with an immutable timestamp.
    The Global entertainment and media outlook for the period of 2017-2021 researched by
    PwCshows that digital music consumption (downloading and streaming), which had remained flat
    between 2012-2015, is expected to rise due to newly developed business models and climb in
    value by the year 2021 to around US$20bn. Internet video revenue is also showing a steady
    growth and expected to reach around US$19bn by the same year. Another sector of online
    content which is a significant force in data consumption relates to video games, a major growth
    driver in the global online entertainment and media marketplace.
    We believe that the penetration of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology into these markets
    will also show a growth trajectory, which is expected to be steeper due to the crypto community’s
    tendency to adopt changes and improvements much faster than “old-fashioned” centralized
    industries. We envision the NKOR ecosystem as a key component in the growing crypto economy
    of these industries and a catalyst in their decentralization process.
    NKOR’S unique strength derives from a combination of our team’s technical ability to build the
    NKOR platform, which our already in-development novel Anchoring technology at its core, with
    the expertise and knowledge of the founders of the group in the field of data distribution and
    content management. This enables us to create a truly decentralized ecosystem for verification
    and distribution of data via blockchain technology, which will benefit content creators, buyers,
    innovators, and an exponentially growing audience of data consumers.


    The technology applied for building the ecosystem consists of different data analysis techniques
    per file type uploaded, including Artificial Intelligence, which is transparently federated by the
    community to provide wider insights regarding the value of individual content pieces to the users.
    The operating method of the system will consist of the following base pillars:
    ● Maintainer nodes which provide computing power for:
    ○ Precise content analysis.
    ○ Content indexing (in order to make search experience more advanced).
    ○ Plagiarisms check and prevention.
    ● Decentralized storage for
    ○ Files.
    ○ Meta information.
    ○ File indexes.
    ○ Algorithms schemes.
    ○ History of updates for models (e.g. weights for Neural Networks).
    ● Consensus algorithm based on voting, arbitration and stakes for worker nodes system.


    “Anchoring” is at the core of the NKOR’s platform. With this technology we can cement the
    authorship of the content creator, which in turn helps creators gain audiences, profit from their
    creativity and create freely without the need of industry intermediaries.

    Transactions and functions on the platform will be processed via the NKR token, which will

    enable token holders to register content, authenticate it, distribute it securely, track it, buy
    licenses to content, decide the nature of the tradable content within the ecosystem, and more.
    A disruptive concept that will revolutionize the way content is distributed.
    NKR token holders can use our developed anchoring technology to help protect their IP and
    monitor the use of their content as it spreads across the platform.
    after registering on the platform, content contributors can scan their content to NKOR’s database,
    where it will be verified for authorship. Afterwards, the content will be assigned a digital hash
    mark with a timestamp and added to a block on the blockchain, making it unalterable by a 3rd
    party, unduplicable, and tractable for loyalties and donations payments.

    Distribution of content

    The NKOR platform allows content owners to sell their intellectual property to interested buyers,
    exchanging certificates and maintaining a high level of transaction security.
    This direct transaction between the authenticated copyright owner of the content and the buyer
    eliminates the need for agents, lawyers, patent attorneys and other 3rd party participants, making
    the transaction process completely transparent, simpler and cheaper. The transfer of copyrights
    occurs on a blockchain, thus guaranteeing its validity by the entire community of the NKOR’s
    Also NKOR platform makes it possible to track and refer a new content to existing content
    sources registered on NKOR platform, to provide so-called NCI(NKOR citation impact), you may
    think of it as an analogy of h-index2. So, new authors can tag works of authors they cited from
    and create a chain of citation and references on the blockchain. In this way cited authors will also
    receive a fee from selling content which tags their creations as a source of citation or inspiration.
    And it is absolutely possible to register free content on the NKOR blockchain just setting a free
    license to it.

    Smart contracts

    NKOR will apply smart contracts as a protocol to ensure fast, secure, cost-efficient transactions.
    Participants of the NKOR ecosystem can incorporate any type of license into a smart contract in
    2 h-index is an author-level metric that attempts to measure both the productivity and citation
    impact of the publications of a scientist or scholar. The index is based on the set of the scientist’s
    most cited papers and the number of citations that they have received in other publications.

    order to seal assignment agreements or to sell and distribute their content via channels and
    communities across the platform.
    Contracts based on methods of distribution that favor collective creation:
    ● Ability to buy full ownership of content (buy a license)
    ● Ability to use content
    ● Ability to distribute dividends as participation for investors. Benefits from the
    distribution of the content are distributed automatically between token holders.
    ● Ability to reference to the content in own work

    NSA (NKOR Search Algorithm)

    Registration on the NKOR platform offers three basic registration types: Anonymous, filterable,
    Participants can provide full or partial data regarding their profile, as well as protect their data
    with multi factor authentication, thus having more control regarding the exposure for their
    content or profile, which can be public or hidden, on the internal search engine of the platform
    (the NSE). Users of the platform, even if they set their profile to hidden, can still have the ability to
    find other public users. The NSE performed searches are based on filters and indexes, where all
    hashed data from the search go to the ledger.

    NNIA (NKOR Neuro Indexing Algorithm)

    NNIA is an algorithm developed by NKOR for checking and indexing files on the platform. It
    operates in the following steps:
    ● File type processing
    ● NKOR Worker Nodes searches file system (IPFS/FileCoin) where Indexes are stored and
    searches using NKOR Indexing Engine which is provided by worker nodes to find fuzzy
    matches. The search applies statistics and NKOR Deep Reinforcement Core Module
    ● File is encrypted and stored to file system.
    ● Based on license type, files is marked as either opened or protected.
    ● User pays fee for registration request and file storing using file system. Fee is based on
    file size.

    ● An incorruptible and inalterable time stamp that allows to certify the authorship and

    license of use or distribution of the file is hashed, and it’s added to the blockchain. In this
    way the platform becomes a book of public records that can be consulted and verified.
    File processing and publishing
    NKOR supports the registration of any standard content-type file, for texts, audio, video and
    photos. Content creators can either upload the file directly to the database, or provide a link to
    the file via Google drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive. In addition to the file, the content contributor is
    required to provide the license type of the file, depending on which, the corresponding Smart
    contract options abilities will be applied.

    The NKR token

    The NKR token will be implemented on the public Ethereum blockchain as an ERC20 token.
    The Ethereum blockchain is the industry’s standard for issuing custom digital assets and smart
    contracts. The ERC20 token interface enables the development of a standard token which is
    compatible with the existing infrastructure of the Ethereum ecosystem, such as development
    tools, wallets, and exchanges. Ethereum’s ability to deploy Turing-complete trustless smart
    contracts enables complex issuance rules for digital financial contracts and cryptocurrencies.
    NKR purposes and usages
    ● The NKR token is the main driver behind the activities of the NKOR ecosystem, and the
    participation in all components of the ecosystem will be done exclusively with it.
    ● NKR offers a convenient way to execute purchases, micropayments, donations,
    registration and protection of digitally created content.
    ● NKR serves as the basis of interoperability with other digital services.
    ● Enables access to the copyright management toolkit.
    ● Allow creation of public versions of content for purchasing
    ● Track content usage as it spreads across the ecosystem and verify licensing rights
    ● Grant access to Smart contracts
    ● Perform content analysis, comparison, and index hashing
    ● Change ownership of content and its status (private/public)

    Tradability, liquidity and volatility

    The NKR token is a single currency, fully embedded into the NKOR ecosystem. All functions on
    the platform are available exclusively to NKR token holders. Our aim is to list the NKR token on all
    major exchanges.


    Milestone 1 – Anchoring is born

    After the crowdfunding, the first step will include the implementation of the platform’s technical
    foundations according to the guidelines outlined above, in cooperation with the community in
    order to achieve the most optimized model.
    The core of the platform will use a set of smart contracts, aimed to execute the behaviours of the
    ecosystem and it’s separated marketplaces – the official smart contracts will be published on
    Development of the NKOR platform and First Part of Software for Worker Nodes
    This period is dedicated for the creation of smart contract based backend as outlined in the
    whitepaper, as well as for testing and tweaking the consensus PoUW parameters for the Worker
    Nodes network. Tweaks and modifications will be done in accordance with feedback and ideas
    for improvements received from the community.
    NKOR will use a set of Ethereum smart contracts:
    1. ERC-20 for the NKR token.
    2. Lottery libraries for worker nodes
    3. Content publishing and selling contracts
    4. Useful Job contract for worker nodes
    Building steps
    The first step will be the development of provisioned backend containers for worker nodes in
    order to provide test functionality. On top of those, two main NKOR network algorithms will be
    developed: NNIA (NKOR Neuro Indexing Algorithm) for text based content and NSA (NKOR
    search algorithm), which will Initially be based on NKOR’s own nodes to provide stable computing
    power for the ecosystem.
    Based on the above algorithms development, the following services will become available for
    participants of the ecosystem:
    ● Indexing and value/uniqueness analysis
    ● Content searching
    ● Claiming to arbitration

    Milestone 2 – Development of NKOR App and Second Part of

    Software for Worker Nodes
    The NKOR App is planned to be added on top of the backend development established during
    milestone 1. The application’s code will be released as an open source, and screenshots will be
    provided in repository, opened for the community’s feedback in order to reach the best
    development results.
    This step will also include the implementation of all interface integrations with smart contracts,
    nodes, file systems (IPFS/Filecoin) and p2p applications, such as Whisper for messaging.
    In addition, more complex algorithms will be added on top of the NNIA to support additional
    content, such as audios, videos and algos.
    AI and Neural networks
    After implementation of the above algorithms, algorithms based on Artificial Intelligence and
    neural networks will be used as basis for work, where the end goal is the implementation of
    federated machine learning techniques, where correct computations on different worker nodes
    will improve neural network weights and save it to the IPFS for further usage and improvements.
    This development will include an extension of NKOR’s consensus mechanism, that can do
    gradient check and verification of improvements in the accuracy of neural networks.
    Milestone 3 – Security Audit and Platform Launch (Beta)
    Once backend and frontend are completed, security testing will take place, as final preparation
    for platform launching.
    For security testing, testnet will be launched and NKOR’s nodes will be accessible to support cold
    start issues that might occur.
    During this step, arbitration nodes for resolution of problems or claims regarding content rights
    will be added to the platform, as a basis for follow up at milestone 5, in which the worker nodes
    with the highest reputation and stake in the community can also become arbitration nodes.
    After all testnet checks and security audits, the NKOR’s beta version will be launched.

    Milestone 4 – Development of NKOR community

    NKOR will reach content contributors and consumers in the community through various social
    platforms, including telegram groups, forums discussions, Facebook, Twitter campaigns, and
    newsletters. All questions regarding the project by the community and investors will be answered
    by NKOR's dedicated team, from technical and financial, to marketing. In addition, a bounty
    program will be launched to provide incentive for the community to promote and help grow the
    reach of the ecosystem.
    Milestone 5 – Computing nodes integration
    With the majority of the required technology for operating of the NKOR platform tested and
    working, the next step will be adding the ability to start mining using PoUW by computing nodes,
    including the ability to create new algorithms for them.
    After the community grows, the consensus algorithm will be used on a growing number of nodes,
    and the mining curve for PoUW will be redefined at this stage to support the larger consensus
    algorithm network, it’s stability and fault resistance.
    We will define mining curve using optimal asymptotic function.

    Token Issuance NKR Token

    To finance the NKOR ecosystem, 200 millions issued tokens (NKR) will be in total supply and 40
    millions will be o ered in a sale event. The NKR token price will be a fixed price (in ETH), and the
    distributed NKR tokens will constitute the total amount of available liquidity. The tokens will be
    used to finance the further development of the NKOR ecosystem and its ongoing operations, as
    well as to attract additional strategic partners to the NKOR platform to further its expansion.

    Tokens Allocation

    29% Company & Future Cooperations,
    A liations (uniform 12-month vesting schedule,
    with 25% of total vested upon the lapse of each
    20% Miners
    20% TGE Sale
    15% Bounty / Community
    12% Team (uniform 12-month vesting schedule,
    with 25% of total vested upon the lapse of each
    4% Advisors / Consultants (uniform 12-month
    vesting schedule, with 25% of total vested upon
    the lapse of each quarter)

    Financial Projection and Funds Distribution

    NKOR’s groundbreaking technology for processing data will be implemented on blockchain. The
    funds raised in the TGE will allow us to build the technology and achieve our milestones.
    At first stage, our main focus will be on building a product that will be able to be marketed and be
    used by the NKR holders. In addition, we will have to put special attention on expanding our
    exposure, this will be done by marketing resources along with creating professional cooperation
    with the relevant community.
    In addition, we will need to invest amounts in establishing the business and setting up the
    grounds for the operation.

    Our main focus is to create immediate value to all NKR holders and provide them with the most
    advanced product there is along with increasing the user base in order to allow the users to have
    a vibrant eco-system with real value.

    Token Sale Main Terms

    The expected distribution of the funds will be:
    50% Research and Development
    25% Marketing
    15% Corporate, Legal and Infrastructure
    10% Community Development
    Hard cap
    25,000 ETH
    Public pre-sale dates
    20th of May, 2018

    TGE dates
    To be announced
    Price per token
    1 NKR = 0.000625 ETH (i.e. 1 ETH = 1,600 NKR)
    Date of emission of NKR tokens to contributors
    Within three (3) months following the end of the TGE (the “Date of Issuance of the
    Tokens”). The Bonus Tokens will be vested over a period of three (3) months
    following the Date of Issuance of the Tokens.
    Storing of the proceeds of the token sale
    The Company shall accept consideration for the NKR tokens in Ether (ETH) or in
    Bitcoin (BTC), which shall be stored in designated digital wallets, or in FIAT currency
    (as the Company may decide from time to time), which shall be stored in a
    designated bank account of the Company.











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