• GOODWORK is an ecosystem for remote teams. It includes a network of coworking spaces, task management system and CRM-system. The project helps co-workers to expand the borders and interact with each other from any place in the world. The ecosystem is based on GOODWORK coworking spaces. They are going to be established in those districts and cities which are chosen by most «ООО» token holders. The investors have the right to decide where to open co-working spaces to work comfortably.

    GOODWORK’s philosophy

    We have summarized some points and named them GOODWORK’s philosophy:

    1.You can’t spend more than 20 minutes to get to work

    2.You should work in friendly environment

    3. Your workplace should let make you enjoy your work

    4. Office shouldn’t do harm to your health

    5. You should be more productive working from office and feel more comfortable than at home

    Each GOODWORK space is established on the basis of the points above. We
    understand that good conditions for employees give excellent results at work.


    Our goal is to change the global approach of employers to human labor and its
    conditions. The environment at work should be mobile and comfortable, and
    people should not waste their time. Employees should work in good conditions
    to give their employers excellent results.
    Nowadays people spend a lot of time on their way to work and back. Many
    companies cannot hire the best specialists, because they are willing to work in
    offices, which only located close to their home or just from home. Many start-ups
    cannot afford an office with a high-quality infrastructure, that’s why they won’t
    become corporations. A number of employees have certain requirements for
    offices: for example, good location and the interior. The major business problem
    is the lack of expensive company offices for valuable employees in those places,
    whose location is far from the main company office.
    Large corporations have realized long time ago that the main basis of their
    business is people, that’s why they create incredibly convenient conditions for
    their employees. Smaller companies still work “in the old-fashioned way”.

    Who needs GOODWORK ecosystem?

    Coworking is actually used by people of hundreds of different professions. There are
    not only freelancers and individual entrepreneurs among them, but also remote
    teams. Every year more and more companies resort to the help of coworkers to
    accommodate their employees.
    For small teams, the convenience of coworking lies in the ability to open an
    office quickly and scale it to fit your needs.


    For convenient interaction of teams distributed across different co-working
    centers, GOODWORK will provide a special CRM-system that allows:

    • Join residents together and create professional teams
    • Manage tasks and its implementation process
    • Maintain a single customer base of the project
    • Use common file storage
    • Cooperate with other residents in joint projects

    «OOO» token

    7 790 000 «OOO» tokens in total will be issued.

    4 050 800 of them will be available as a part of the GOODWORK ICO.
    The rest will be used to integrate with the blockchain-community through the
    organization of the SWAP programme, to reward Advisors, the team, members of
    the Bounty programme and for the reserve.

    ICO stages and bonuses

    The most favorable conditions for investors will be available in the period until May
    15 in the framework of Closed presale.
    Tokens intended for sale, but not sold within the specified rounds will be

    Hardcap = 101500 ETH

    For investors over USD 20,000 there are additional
    bonuses provided:

    Allocation of funds

    Implementation plan depending on fees.

    The geographical expansion of the opening of co-working depends on the
    amount of funds involved and the results of the tokenholders voting.

    Project roadmap








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