[Airdrop] [Bounty] WhiteChain Peer-To-Peer Decentralized Blockchain (Waves) Banking Platform | 500 WTCT Airdrop -2

  • The WhiteChain team has many years of experience in the E-commerce market, as well as in cryptocurrencies. We have the experience and knowledge to come through on our promises. We believe a cryptocurrency developed by crypto-enthusiasts for crypto-enthusiasts could change the current e-commerce market for the better.

    Just like traditional investments, cryptocurrency projects are quickly dominated by a handful of big investors who buy up huge chunks of the currency. The result is them having a disproportionate influence on price, while we regular investors quickly lose interest in the rest of the project. So, as crypto-enthusiasts, why do we continue to invest in projects or communities over which we have no influence? What if there were more than one way to “buy” into a new crypto-community? Investors usually buy into a project with their money. But what if we asked you to buy into our new token with time? After all, at WhiteChain , we all agree that time is much more precious than money. By valuing your time over your buying power, we plan to build a new cryptocurrency backed by a buzzing community. Rather than building another currency that is dominated by investors with fat wallets, we want to give all the members in our crypto space an equal chance to an equal share of our currency.


    The Waves standard makes it easier for all compatible tokens to be natively supported by new projects and services on the Waves platform.

    WhiteChain Token Is Built on Waves Blockchain meaning that it Is 100% Decentralized and Private. WhiteChain uses Waves standards. WhiteChain Blockchain Guarantees Transparency and Anonymity.


    We are Targeting a Minimum of 10,000 Users connecting to the project in it's Pre-State and a maximum of 50,000 Members joining the Project. 

    WhiteChain reserves the Right to Ban anyone from the Project if found involved in Unusual Activities.


    Token Name (Symbol) - WhiteChain (WTCT)

    Token Type - Waves Platform Token

    Token Supply - 39,000,000 WTCT

    For ICO - 20,000,000 WTCT

    For Airdrop - 12,000,000 WTCT

    For Team - 3,000,000 WTCT

    For Donations - 4,000,000 WTCT

    Remaining Tokens will be Burned


    The Bitcoin blockchain can only process 7 Transactions per Second and takes huge fee of around $10-50 Per transaction.

    WhiteChain Has Capability of processing 3,500 Transactions per second. The Transfer of money is done instantly with WhiteChain Token. It only takes a few cents to send a WhiteChain Transaction.

    Token Sale & ICO


    Token Sale & ICO : Round 1, price : $0.03 , 25% bonus!

    round 2 starts 7th may, 2018

    For More Details about ICO:https://www.whitechain.co.in/t...



    WhiteChain Bounties [Updated 30th Apr.]

    This is a opportunity for all of you to earn Many WhiteChain Tokens for free by doing simple tasks!

    This is a Bounty campaign and will last a few weeks.



    (Note : Prize is indicated against each campaign, and for claiming tokens, details should be sent to [email protected])


    1) Make a Video Showing WhiteChain Project and airdrop and Upload on Youtube. (300 WTCT)


    2) Post a Tweet on Twitter and Get WhiteChain! Details below. (120 Words Min.)

    100 - 500 Followers : 100 WTCT

    501 - 1000 Followers : 300 WTCT

    1001 - 2000 Followers : 600 WTCT

    2001 - 5000 Followers : 1,100 WTCT

    5001+ Followers : 1,800 WTCT


    3) Instagram Post - Rewards below.

    100 - 500 Followers : 100 WTCT

    501 - 1000 Followers : 300 WTCT

    1001 - 2000 Followers : 600 WTCT

    2001 - 5000 Followers : 1,100 WTCT

    5001+ Followers : 1,800 WTCT


    3) Place WhiteChain Ads on Your Blog/ Website and Send Details to [email protected] after doing so, We'll moderate and issue your reward. Include Waves Wallet Address. (100 WTCT)


    4) Write a Article about WhiteChain Airdrop, and Project on SteemIt/ Your Blog/Social Network Etc. Send details to [email protected] for moderation.Include Waves Wallet Address. (200 WTCT)


    5) Set WhiteChain Picture as your Telegram Profile Pic for at least 30 Days. Send details to [email protected] for moderation. Include Waves Wallet Address. (75 WTCT) 


    6) [STAFF] Work as a Support member in WhiteChain Telegram group! (100 - 750 WTCT/Week Depending on your Activeness in the Group)


    7) Make A Youtube Video on WhiteChain Explaining how to Apply for airdrop. (250 WTCT). Include Waves Wallet Address. Send to [email protected]


    8) Make a Song For WhiteChain! Include Waves Wallet Address. Send to [email protected] (500 WTCT).


    9) Make Telegram Stickers for WhiteChain! Include Waves Wallet Address. Send to [email protected] (40 WTCT per Sticker).


    10) Have a Telegram channel? Advertise about Whitechain Airdrop! (150 - 12,000 WTCT depending on members) *Limited Time


    NEW BOUNTIES - Updated 30th April, 2018


    11)  Post on Instagram about WhiteChain and Include Hashtags -: (100 WTCT)

    #whitechain #wtct #whitechaincoin


    12) Make Memes on WhiteChain (30 WTCT / Meme)  

    13) Take A Photo of you With A Sheet on which "whitechain" is written and send it to [email protected] (150 WTCT) 14) Write A Blog Post for WhiteChain (200 WTCT)


    15) Share on Facebook, and write something on WhiteChain (180 WTCT)


    16) Set Whitechain Picture as Your Profile Pic on Twitter / Facebook. (70 WTCT)




    More Bounties to be added soon! Stay Tuned!







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