PIVX Critical Update - Mandatory PIVX Wallet Update by May 8th 00:00 GMT

  • PIVX Core Wallet
    !!IMPORTANT!! Before you upgrade to the new wallet

    Deactivate the Zpiv "Auto minting" feature before it's disabled on March 29th (following the guide below).

    1. Click the "Tools" tab from the top menu bar.
    2. Select "Open Wallet Configuration File". (Trouble opening on Mac)
    3. Add the following line to the Pivx.conf file: enablezeromint=0
    4. Shutdown and restart the wallet.
    Visual guide for editing the configuration file here  

    Be sure to convert any existing Zpiv to standard Pivx by simply sending the Zpiv to your own address under the privacy tab. For additional assistance on this conversion follow the guide here  

    New Features What to expect from the core wallet version update. zPoS (zPIV Staking) Deterministic zPIV Wallet Auto Backup on External Storage Devices Ledger Wallet Masternode Collateral Support PIVX Core Wallet GUI Update! Please download the wallet on the Official Pivx GitHub or the Pivx Website.

    A few more things Almost there! - There are 2 main phases: 1. Protocol enforcement activated: Thus >= wallet-only network is formed. Currently set at 5/8 00:00 GMT but could be altered/delayed if deemed necessary. 2. zPIV maintenance mode disengaged: zPIV v2 gets enabled thus zPoS also begins. There is no set time for this. If phase 1 goes well, which means enough wallet nodes and Masternodes have upgraded, then this should happen soon after.
    Frequently Asked Questions Do I have to upgrade?  Yes. Any wallets older than 3.1.0.x will NOT be compatible with the 3.1.0.x wallet's network starting May 8th.  This includes the 3.1.0 wallets recently released. Do I need to upgrade my masternodes also?  Yes. Will zPIV minting or spending be possible once I upgrade? Not immediately. zPIV will be activated sometime after block 1153160 (May 8th). It will be announced on social media including the @_PIVX twitter (and various other channels) once it's active. What happens if I don't/can't upgrade before May 8th? That's fine. But do not make any coin transfers after that date with your older wallet. Also, you may need to resync from scratch or from an older blockchain snapshot to get back on the right chain when you do eventually upgrade to (or higher). What's the zPIV staking I heard about? Once released, if you stake with your zPIV instead of PIV, your staking reward will be 3 PIV instead of 2 PIV. PIVX now incentivizes toward zPIV.

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