Ready your LoL Betting Tips and Tickets for Rift Rivals 2018

  • Over 100 million gamers now play League of Legends (LoL) every month, and a portion of it are professional players who compete in international LAN tournaments. Twitch and Facebook also take part in this worldwide phenomenon by providing global players an access to the most prestigious events of the year. LoL is definitely the King of the esports industry in terms of number of players, viewership, and revenue.

    If you wish to be a part of LoL’s global community, you can download the game now and play. But if you wish to be part of it while earning money or Bitcoins, ready your Lol betting tips now and buy tickets for this year’s Rift Rivals 2018 competition!

    The Rift Rivals is composed of League of Legends teams from both North America and Europe. Both regions and all teams will compete against each other. As a bettor or as a participant, follow the LoL Esports post about the ticket sale and purchase one using the links provided by them. It’s a three-day event that will take place on July 5 and will end on July 7, and schedule of the games that you can participate on are are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.


    There are fourteen regions in total and there will be five events with two or three regions each:

    1. Southeast Asia, Japan, Oceana
    2. Brazil, Latin America North , Latin America South
    3. North America, Europe
    4. Vietnam, CIS, Turkey
    5. Korea, China, Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macao

    Teams are invited and seeded based on their standings and rankings in the most recent Spring Split / Split 1 / Opening Split for each region. There will be two to four teams representing each region. Each event will include a group stage and a knockout phase, but the rules vary between each matchup. Here’s an example from Leaguepedia: the NA-EU final will be the top-placing NA team against the top-placing EU team in a best-of-5, while the KR-CN-LMS finals are under Last Man Standing rules where one region wins by defeating every team from the opposing region.


    Three teams from each region will compete against each other during this year’s Rift Rivals with North America bringing Team Liquid, 100 Thieves, and Echo Fox. Europe, on the other hand, will try to defeat their rivals with Fnatic, G2 Esports, and Splyce. If you need more information regarding Rift Rivals, check out the full post from LoL Esports for more details about the mechanics of the game and new updates. You need all these aside from your LoL betting tips.

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