New GIRACOIN crypto currency from Switzerland


    The new crypto currency from Switzerland has arrived. The Giracoin is a digital payment means, that is based on the principles of cryptography a secure and remote payment system. By Giracoin They are independent of the central banks. Also a banking crisis can not ken a crypto currency effects. Many subjects moving at the time the financial world: Britain emerges from the EU, the financial markets experienced massive price falls in the currencies. In these times crypto currencies are increasingly becoming an alternative.



    The Giracoin was developed in Switzerland. It gives everyone the opportunity to be right from the start in the development of a crypto currency are without computer knowledge. All procedures are in selbstversta? Ndlich followed. This guarantees our company's internal compliance.
    You probably know the Bitcoin: Its enormous price increase is unprecedented. Only: Without adequate computer skills, there was no way to be there from the beginning. This is where the Giracoin. It provides its partners with a proprietary platform for the mining for verfu confirmation.
    The Giracoin is mined by security technology SH256. Everyone has the opportunity to acquire a token packet, which is then in the
    so-called mining is given. This results in coins. The complicated algorithms are calculated for you by the token. All transactions are protected by digital signatures, the private / public key method. In this way, the authoriza- tion is carried out. All bookings are also understandable in so-called transaction chains. The transaction consequences in turn are encoded in block chains using cryptographic techniques - which excludes dual eligibles or fraud.
    Giracoin works with a combination of the proof-of-work and the Proof-of-Stake method. The proof-of-work is our Mining farm. The Proof-of-Stake process our members have the opportunity to participate directly in the mining.
    A recognized currency requires a large degree of popularity. Therefore, we decided against costly television campaigns and chosen the path of direct marketing instead. This can get set of funds even without input our members Coins or token. In addition, we have four bonus programs launched.
    In July 2016, the pre-launch phase of Giracoin begins. So the needs and desires can cal the Giracoin partners are taken into account - and you're at the very beginning of the product. The mining and the block chain start already on 1 October 2016: comparison so do not fit the chance to have teilzu- at the new crypto currency from the first day.
    Wa Whilst the prelaunch phase until 01.10.2016
    the registration fee of 30 Euro is charged. Now you can choose from several training packages. This includes also tokens. You will be required to calculate the coins and may be added to the mining. Through direct sales you have the option of additional partners for the Giracoin win. To benefit from their merit. In your account you will find a link that you simply pass on partners - and you can participate in the bonus system.
    Once you have placed their tokens into mining, to calculate my Coins and credited. Use the Dashboard to view the current status at any time. Giracoin is already doing to attract partners who accept the Giracoin payments. For her own platform will form are available from the beginning of 2017th
    Giracoin offers four bonus types - and you can combine them! Your revenue from these programs we will good to 60% in cash Wallet, which is your virtual wallet. The remaining 40% going to the Invest-wallet. The amount of the cash-wallet is for you anytime freely transferable to a bank account of your choice or to another ac- count at Giracoin. The Invest-Wallet are nen the ability to purchase additional tokens packages IH. To obtain even without financial expenses token: you just buy it from the merit of the bonus program. The calculation is based on the so-called Trading Amount volume that has any packet in different Ho? Hey. The Trading Amount volume corresponds to 80% of the package price.
    For each package that buys your direct team partner of the first line, you will receive a direct bonus in Ho? He of 10% of the TA, so the Trading Amounts. Partner of the first line are all partners you have referred directly.
    Here you can deeply earn on sales of your team partners even up to 21Ebenen. Depending on the package you reach different levels. This can be increased - for example, if you purchase from the Invest-wallet a larger token packet. Of course, all of the packages can also be purchased directly. For the Level Bonus You can qualify easily: you need a private consultant package and two professors

    dimensionally packages that is provided by you directly to the first partner-line.
    For the partner bonus you qualify based on the level of the total trading volume Amount of their team and require two Professional packages in the first level. Here, the TA volume is expected together at all times. Thus you reach ever higher bonus levels. The bonus varies between one and 20 percent. He is credited to sales of your team. is deducted from this the payable to your partner now.
    You can also qualify for the World Pool Gira, using the Trading Amounts your partner. Depending on the qualification level you get one to seven shares of total sales. The distribution takes place twice a year.
    Training in crypto currencies we offer not only online at - in various webinars; You can ko? Also attend events in which we will explain the possibilities of crypto currencies and answer your questions directly.
    The Giracoin is a product of the company Gira Financial Group AG, headquartered in Nidwalden in Switzerland. We focus on superior customer service and safeguard all legal questions about their own compliance department. The Gira Financial Group AG within the company structure an own MLA department that is specifically responsible for this product. Here all transactions are checked and monitored.
    Secure your future - with Giracoin!
    RGISTRE NOW!!!!!!

  • Giracoin Staking (PoS) Major Advantages

    Stable price, low volatility, increasing value and profitability.

    In a blog post that I wrote a month ago (you may view it here), I briefly discussed the difference between Proof-of-Work (PoW) and Proof-of-Stake (PoS) mining algorithms. In summary:


    PoW requires miners or physical computers to process transactions in order to earn coins. This can be inefficient since better computers are created and optimized for mining which may lead to centralization, such as of Bitcoin, by pool miners owning 51% or more of the entire mining population.


    PoS is greener and requires less energy to confirm transactions. You just need to lock up your coins to process transactions and earn rewards in form of newly minted coins or transaction fees.


    In this article, I would like to continue where I left off and delve more into how these algorithms apply in Giracoin.


    You may not be fully aware yet, but Giracoin is just one of the very few cryptocurrencies which utilize a hybrid blockchain combining both the high security of PoW and the simplicity of PoS. So how does it work and how can we illustrate the “hybrid” characteristics of our blockchain?


    First of all, let’s define “blockchain” for those who are new to this technology. Simply put, a blockchain is like a ledger containing all transaction logs since the beginning of its existence, with the very first block commonly referred to as the “genesis block” which Bitcoin dubbed way back in 2009. The blockchain is an integral part of each cryptocurrency and should be understood as a log which stores all of the transactions performed with the currency, or in our case, with Giracoin.


    Now let’s describe the “mining” process. The computing power required to decrypt the hash algorithms, to verify new transaction blocks in the blockchain, and the resulting new coins, is referred to as mining. Mining is a distributed consensus system used to confirm waiting transactions and add them to the blockchain. This transaction verification, which previously only banks would perform, is carried out for cryptocurrencies by a majority vote of users. The vote is taken using a so-called Proof-of-Work (PoW) or Proof-of-Stake (PoS) procedure.


    Now here's how Giracoin combined both algorithms to form a hybrid blockchain.


    Giracoin employs PoW in the process of mining your tokens and turn them into coins using company-owned machines in order to avoid mining pool attacks which is possible if a pool operator owns 51% of the entire mining population. This closed Giracoin mining process is not only extremely secure, but it also allows users without their own high-performance computers to participate in the mining process.


    In the PoS scenario, you can still earn mining rewards by simply storing your Giracoins in your GiraPay desktop wallet, which you can install on any regular home computer, and not spend your coins for a certain period of time. All you need to do is make sure your computer is always connected to the internet. The higher your staked coins are and the longer they are held, the better your success rate will be to earn rewards.   

    The advantages of staking your coins for as long as possible


    As previously mentioned, one of the key advantages of keeping your coins for a longer period of time in your desktop wallet is that you can increase your influence in the system and accumulate more earnings in the form of new issued coins and transaction fees. The more coins you keep and the longer you stake them, the higher your influential factor will become.


    According to our technical whitepaper, the amount of earnings your staked coins can yield is more or less 3% per annum. However, certain penalties may be imposed upon if you disconnect your wallet from the network, and to reconnect may incur certain fees which will be deducted from your wallet balance. So make you sure you keep your internet connection always on, and your wallet always connected to the Giracoin network, to avoid such penalties.


    The other major advantage of staking your coins in your desktop wallet rather than trading them on exchanges, is that, it will help stabilize the market price of Giracoin and maintain low volatility of our cryptocurrency. As per the law of supply and demand, if the demand is high, the price can go higher too. So if we keep the supply very low when many users stake their coins rather than offer to sell them, the demand will be high, which can cause the price to go up gradually.


    On the other hand, the more users offer to sell their coins, the lesser the demand will be causing the price of Giracoin to go down.


    So staking is really a very effective method of maintaining high demand for Giracoin and its price stability, while keeping low the volatility of our coin which can help convince merchants and investors to consider Giracoin as a safe digital asset if we eliminate potential exchange losses due to price fluctuations.


    Another thing I liked about our staking process is the simplicity of participation. Unlike other PoS-based cryptocurrencies that require you to lock your coins for at least 30 days which will render your coin unusable (like time deposit in a bank) during the said period, and require a minimum amount of coins to participate which can cost a participant huge amount of investment, ours is more flexible. Simply transfer your coins at whatever amount to your desktop wallet for you to begin staking. Then in cases when you need to spend your coins, you can use them accordingly without incurring penalties. You may also add more coins anytime to improve your chance of getting rewards.


    And since there is no need for you to setup and maintain powerful machines to handle the actual work, you can therefore mine more coins, easier and without spending more, in a PoS than in a PoW procedure.


    GiraPay Desktop Wallet is currently under beta testing and the final version (Build 2.0) will be made available for download very soon. Once we launch the final version to the public, expect the Giracoin price to rise again. So start mining now before you lose more coins if you mine your tokens later.

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    Larrimar is our contributing writer, web developer and graphic artist. He is one of our pioneering members and key leaders in the Philippines since March of 2017.

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