3cCoin ICO: The Composite Cellular Concrete Cryptocurrency?

  • In the last decade, in the construction of infrastructure in developed countries, there has been a tendency to obtain high-strength concretes and structures based on Portland Cement. However, the grades of cement produced worldwide do not exceed 52.5, which gave rise to the idea of the exhaustion of the possibilities for obtaining a stronger stone of Portland cement and led to the creation of an industry for applying a wide range of chemical additives to concrete mixes to reduce the consumption of cement and to produce high-strength concretes. Nevertheless, the main problem in the preparation of high-quality building binder remains unresolved, namely, its instability and complexity in the preparation.

    The main purpose of the invention of 3C “gas-fiber-concrete” was precisely the simplification of the technology for manufacturing high-quality building binder, getting rid of the instability, and reducing the cost, including by providing the possibility of manufacturing and using gas-fiber-reinforced concrete at the construction site. The additional purpose was also to improve the physical and mechanical characteristics of the binder, such as frost resistance, energy efficiency and so on.

    What Is 3cCoin?

    3cCoin is a blockchain option for investingtrading crypto tool guarantees the return on investment upon the first demand after the end of the investment phase.

    3cCoin Composite Cellular Concrete Cryptocurrency ICO Details

    10.05.2016- 10.06.2018

    ICOBitcoinEthereumLitecoinWavesZcash will be available for a purchase of the token and the good part about this token sale is that they even allow Bank transfers. 100 Euro is the minimum investment amount in the crowdsale phase while the same amount is 1000 Euro for Pre ICO phase.

    As an equivalent of the capital investment made, the investors will be issued a digital token 3cCOIN issued by a European investment company. This is a type of digital asset that is equal to the price of ten kilograms of Cellular Fibro Concrete, produced as a dry 3C mixture which means that it is a commodity-backed asset that may be considered as an option, which is sold at a discount.

    3cCoin Conclusion

    The proposed project is a synergetic embodiment of industrial, financial and digital technologies integration, allowing the use of advanced blockchain capabilities in the structure of financing the real economy sector development. It is based on the task to develop integrable financial technologies within the framework of tailoring a new generation innovative production enterprise with a highly adaptive interactive production and investment management model that provides potential investors with an opportunity to obtain a guaranteed income.

    More information about the 3cCoin is available on their website https://3ccoin.io/

    Whitepiper  https://3ccoin.io/download/ru/...

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