ChronoBank Community Update: April 2018

  • Dear Community,

    April has so far been the month with the highest number of new ChronoBankers joining this project — especially due to our Friends & Family referral campaign.

    🔢 Social Channels in Numbers

    Furthermore, our Spanish Telegram News Channel has increased from just under 100 members to almost 500 members by now.

    📰 Press

    ChronoBank has been included and mentioned in many of last months publications from different sides.

    Ten Australian blockchain companies raising millions and disrupting industries - SmartCompany
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    Invigor Group set to release details on JV with
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    Meet The Russians Behind Your Blockchain (And Cryptocurrency, Too)
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    ChronoBank (TIME): What's New and Where Are They Headed? - BitNewsBot
    ChronoBank is a lesser-known blockchain project that has a lofty goal: to disrupt the HR/recruitment/finance industries…

    👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 First community-driven feature integration in one of ChronoBank’s products.

    We asked our community in a twitter poll which feature they would like to have added to ChronoMint in the next release and now the decision is certain, it will be 2FA.

    🐞 ChronoMint bug bounty program

    Once more we are asking our beloved Community for help, asking them to thoroughly test one of our core products ChronoMint for bugs and other vulnerabilities.

    ChronoWallet Bug Bounty
    We believe in a Bug Bounty program that fosters collaboration amongst professionals to help us building the most secure…

    🔐 What is Multisignature?

    For everyone who has ever asked him- or herself what the so called ‘Multisignature’ function of cryptocurreny wallets is, we presented two examples on our Twitter last month.

    Example 4-of-6:

    Example 2-of-3:

    👀 Outlook

    Make sure to follow us on Twitter @ChronobankNews to be one the first to hear from all news around ChronoBank.

    Also, have a look at our chat server next week for some visual updates.

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