[ANN] Ethereum Era The new era of payments platform governed by ecosystem on the blockchain.

  • Ethereum Era is a decentralized currency governed by ecosystem on the blockchain and serves as global payment system.Companies,individuals and business partners can send and receive funds globally using ETE digital currency as new era of payments


    Ethereum Era is one of the most amazing innovations of the 21st century. It allows everyone in the world to transfer value to each other without the use of a central authority.


    With Ethereum Era, anyone around the globe can transfer value and also receive value, extremely fast, secured by the laws of the universe, for pretty much nothing. It's money fit for the digital age.

    Token Details:

    Total Supply: 65,000,000 ETE

    Soft Cap: 15,000,000 ETE

    Hard Cap: 48,750,000 ETE

    BONUS APPLIED: private sale 30% public sale 10%

    Ethereum Era Contract Address:


    Token Crowdsale



    Total ETE token supply (100 %):

    65,000,000 ETE

    Total ETE to be sold (75 %):

    48,750,000 ETE

    Payment Accepted:

    Ethereum and Bitcoin

    Private sale rate:

    1 ETE = 0.02 USD

    Public sale rate:

    1 ETE = 0.04 USD

    Private sale date:

    11.05.2018 - 20.05.2018

    Public sale date:

    21.05.2018 - 15.06.2018

    Soft cap:

    15,000,000 ETE

    Hard cap:

    48,750,000 ETE

    Minimum contribution:

    Public sale: 0.1 ETH

    Maximum contribution:

    15 ETH or 1 BTC in first 5 hours, after that without limit

    Road Map

    November 2017

    Concept development

    December 2017

    Proof of concept and prototype development of the decentralized pub/sub gateway

    FEBRUARY 2018

    Design and implement the mobile and web clients with decentralized pub/sub gateway.

    Q2 2018

    Ethereum Era on Smart Contract.

    Q2 (MAY - JUNE) 2018

    Airdrop / Token Sale event. Private sale begins May 11 - 20, 2018. Public sale held from May 21 - 15 JUNE, 2018. All tokens sold will be distributed within 3 weeks of the end of the public sale event.

    Q2 (JUNE - JULY) 2018

    Develop the architecture for token design functionality and the Token Economy Service. Implement the Ethereum Adapter with Open Chain Access Protocol. Complete the prototype for the first end-to-end application built on top of Ethereum Era.

    Q3 2018

    Github release and Launch the first decentralized consumer application built on Ethereum Era with development partners. Implement Hyperledger Adaptor with Open Chain Access Protocol. Ethereum Era to be listed on coinmarketcap and first 3 exchanges.

    Q1 2020

    Ethereum Era blockchain , webwallet, Mobile wallet launches.

    Q3 2020

    Global unified shopping account with visa card and crypto payment gateway is launched.

    Ethereum Era Airdrop
    We have allocated amount of tokens for
    the airdrop which will be given in format of first come first serve.
    Each user that join our airdrop will be given 200 ETE tokens.  To join
    our airdrop, Sign up on https://ethereumera.co , then click on join airdrop link and follow the step.






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