[ICO] ARTIS (ATS) - First smartcontract able blockchain with Tendermint POS


    In 2017, the Blockchain-space saw a massive surge in interest and investments. This triggered
    intense discussions, legislative changes and a growing concern that cryptocurrencies could
    affect existing financial markets. While there are still some hard-liners that would love to ban
    cryptocurrencies, the more predominant tenor for the past few months has been “Blockchains and
    Cryptoassets are here to stay”.

    When the team behind ARTIS analyzed the most innovative Blockchains, it found great ideas and
    implementations - but also a myriad of false promises. Scalability was the most obvious problem,
    but also energy wastage and simple access to cryptocurrencies was not put into the center of
    proposed solutions. This led us to pave a new way and create a novel Blockchain, contributing to
    the global effort of improving living conditions, resource efficiency and financial access.


    ARTIS is developed by the lab10 collective eG, located in Graz, Austria. This cooperative, consisting
    of 35+ blockchain specialists and enthusiasts, is collaborating with leading research institutes and
    blockchain pioneers in the industry. The team members have a variety of backgrounds and many
    years of experience in blockchain technology, mathematics, cryptography as well as digital currency


    ARTIS is a unique blockchain, providing solutions for the biggest challenges in the blockchain
    world: scalability, energy consumption and usability & entry barriers. ARTIS is 100% smart contract
    compatible with Ethereum, will increase the throughput by 10 - 100 fold at the start and will
    incorporate every scaling solution from Ethereum. Right from the start, ARTIS will have a performing
    network of nodes running with a Proof of Stake (POS) consensus algorithm, allowing energy- and
    cost-efficient operation.
    The following technical ARTIS-specialities will be crucial to enrich the blockchain application space
    for new business models:


    ARTIS introduces a revolutionary payment method called Streems. This is a new on-chain
    scaling solution and is especially suited for regular payments. With ARTIS, cash literally
    flows like a stream from one member to another. The flow of money represents how
    much you’re using the product or service. The Streem usually starts when you start using
    a service and ends when you stop using it, simplifying time-based payments for everyone.


    Beside all the known use-cases for Blockchains, ARTIS is especially well suited for time-based
    payments. These include video- or music-streaming, and even just regular payments such as
    instalments or wages. It can be used for the bond market or the pocket money for your children.
    It can simplify paying for parking or facilitate the payment for charging your electric car. Recurring
    payments, such as utility bills and all sorts of subscriptions, are hassle-free and you will save
    immense amounts of time, money and head space.

    Naturally, the sharing economy will benefit from the innovation of Streems, but many more verticals
    will enjoy the simplicity of this new way of value transfer. Needless to say, every regular application
    running on Ethereum can also run on ARTIS.

    Accessibility to ARTIS is provided via the Minerva App (Wallet), which will be designed to integrate
    services in the most intuitive way. Minerva will be an all-in-one DApp/Chat/Contract/Payment App,
    which will allow service providers to simplify people‘s lives and offer valuable applications.


    Every other month, someone proposes a new Blockchain technology. However, we believe that on
    the technological side, we will most likely see a consolidation. ARTIS has a close connection with
    the Ethereum protocol and therefore it will be very easy to connect with other Blockchains via the
    Interledger protocol or proposals for Atomic swaps. From a strategic point of view, ARTIS is the
    most future-proof new Blockchain that has been introduced so far.

    You will appreciate the following details about what makes ARTIS a sound and promising venture:
    • The total market value of € 45m at the start of the project offers a potential increase in value
    over time.
    • We introduced a hard cap of only € 22.5m and have a limited coin supply (we sell only 1.5bn ATS
    à € 1.5ct each).
    • Fair and stable conditions for investors during all funding rounds. There will be no discounts or
    any other incentives for people to sell their coins below the initial price.

    The closed funding round starts on March 31st, 2018. Large investors will of course receive further
    personal guidance and support during this phase.

    During the public funding round, starting on May 31st, 2018, the remaining ATS tokens will be sold.
    All ATS tokens will be converted to ATS coins once the ARTIS mainnet goes live in December 2018.

    ARTIS Slim-Pitch

    The ARTIS Ecosystem

    Background: The Rise of Cryptoeconomics

    Since the introduction of Bitcoin in 2009, the world has witnessed the rise of distributed ledger technology and cryptocurrencies. This new paradigm is frequently called cryptoeconomics and encompasses the protocols that govern the production, distribution and consumption of goods and services in a decentralized digital economy.

    Cryptoeconomics uses computer networks, cryptography and dis-/incentives that are derived from game theory to create a new ecosystem for how we trade, work and live. Blockchain is the underlying technology of cryptocurrencies, and it is about to fundamentally transform traditional systems in the same way that the emergence of the internet once did.

    This innovation, however, is still in its infancy. Crucial aspects of cryptoeconomics, such as protocols and interactions between systems, are not sufficiently defined yet. Many early adopters have bought cryptocurrencies with the intention to hold them long term or trade them hoping to make a profit. Very few people realize that the technology upon which cryptocurrencies are built is far more powerful than the quick gains and hype which attracts many people into the field.

    The power of blockchain is about to disrupt centralized systems. In the 21st century, most industries, regardless of their size, spend vast amounts of money, time and resources on correcting errors, avoiding fraud, tracking records, and carrying out other such mundane tasks that are required to keep the system functioning. By using a decentralized cryptoeconomic system, this effort can be reduced tremendously.

    The answer lies in blockchain - a shared, trusted and decentralized public ledger. Blockchain is secured through cryptography and no single person or central entity controls the flow of information or value. This means that when transactions are logged onto the blockchain, they become immutable – they cannot be deleted or altered in any way. At its core, blockchain is about creating trust in a trustless system.

    ARTIS is a blockchain framework that takes into consideration interactions with other cryptoeconomic systems, various scalability solutions and interactions with these protocols by humans and machines. ARTIS builds upon the current advantages of blockchain technology and is designed to not only improve how we interact with the system as a whole, but also to derive real economic value from those interactions.

    Vision of the ARTIS Blockchain

    The ARTIS Blockchain is laying the foundation for a human-centric, crypto-based ecosystem. The ARTIS vision is to be a Blockchain that benefits the common good, respects privacy, is resource-efficient and will be available as open source for every human.

    Sustainability: In addition to using resource-efficient technology (Proof of Stake), ARTIS facilitates the implementation of new business models focused on reducing resource consumption (e.g. sharing economy).

    Usability: The ARTIS ecosystem will be user-friendly and intuitive, making interactions on and with the Blockchain easy. ARTIS will provide a framework and foundation for implementing automation in new and novel use-cases.

    Cooperation: ARTIS will be an integral part of the evolving network of Blockchains connected through systems like the Interledger Protocol. The ARTIS foundation also proactively seeks to collaborate with start-ups and developers enhancing the ARTIS experience.

    Privacy: While transactions on the Blockchain are already pseudonymous, ARTIS will offer fast and private payment channels for better privacy.

    Design of the ARTIS Ecosystem

    When designing a new blockchain system, a host of different aspects such as usability, scalability, security and integration must be taken into consideration.
    ARTIS addresses the following issues:

     Interaction with blockchains is still a grey area for the average user. Cumbersome user interfaces, complicated security measures and a general lack of access leave much to be desired within existing frameworks.
     Private key-management is not suitable for lay people who usually do not have backups, lose their passwords and expect phone support.
     Machine integration is still very vulnerable when hardware is accessible to hackers and software changes are not easily detected.
     Purchasing coins poses another big hurdle for lay people and the current crypto business world. There is no convenient connection to legacy banking.
     Identity management in a Blockchain system is still under development, but is needed for most business applications.
     Cryptocurrencies lack real-life use cases and their price is highly influenced by speculation.
     Planning business cases is difficult if transaction fees are not predictable and comparatively low.
     Scalability is an issue many are working on, but the proposed solutions are still far from achieving the needed growth. This is true for Smart Contracts as well as simple transactions.
     Security is constantly evolving but right now massive amounts of cryptocurrencies are stolen and get lost due to security loopholes and unintended software behavior.
     Sustainable financial stability of blockchain systems is often fickle. To avoid vulnerabilities, the support of developers has to be assured by businesses.

    The design of the ARTIS ecosystem is therefore comprised of:

    1. ARTIS Foundation
    The continuous financial support to develop the protocol and important applications should be independent of selfish business interests. Therefore, the ARTIS Foundation is set up as an independent entity, able to promote the success of the ARTIS ecosystem in the best possible way.

    2. Robust Network Infrastructure
    The network of nodes will have between 50-200 independent servers. Therefore, compared with the number of mining pools of systems with Nakamoto consensus (e.g. Bitcoin or Ethereum), the ARTIS network will offer a much higher decentralization and resilience.
    The ARTIS ecosystem will be completely public and permission-less as soon as the Growth Phase starts. During the Bootstrap Phase, the parameters for the network infrastructure will be fine-tuned to allow the best possible decentralized governance.

    3. Simple Mobile Integration

    Usability will be addressed by creating a mobile app by combining the best features of Statusi, Toshiii and Byteballiii. This will provide the best possible user experience and offer simple integration with ARTIS-based services. It will also allow direct, automated transfers between Euro/Dollar and ATS. The integration of new tokens will be simple, ensuring full participation in new innovations and a simple way to trade them.
    Many people are still scared to be tricked into sending funds to the wrong address and therefore it will be possible to redeem funds for a predefined period. Furthermore, the key management will be possible in a more secure, but still decentralized way for less experienced users.
    A simple support for self-sovereign identity data management and authentication is also planned for the Bootstrap Phase, making interaction as seamless and natural as possible.

    4. Cooperation with Startups and Businesses
    The best possible network growth will happen if startups are able to build new businesses on ARTIS and existing companies can integrate their use cases. Right from the start, ARTIS has established an impressive cooperation network which will continuously be extended to fulfill growth targets.

    5. Rigorous Security Audits
    ARTIS will build on the proven Ethereum technology and will therefore avoid some of the security problems of completely new systems. Security is essential and therefore everything which is modified will be peer-reviewed. Anything critical to the security of funds will be audited by accredited external experts. Some of them can already be found in the cooperation network list.
    The basic development of ARTIS is currently done by the lab10 collective, an Austrian cooperative with substantial development capacity and knowledge. While ARTIS is currently developed by the lab10 collective, the blockchain itself is based on decentralized decision making.
    The future development will be done by lab10 collective members as well as other software talents selected by the ARTIS Foundation. Furthermore, the ARTIS Foundation will support new startups financially (with ATS) to improve the economic value for the entire network.

    The Minerva App

    In our current economy, monopolistic platform structures enjoy a clear competitive advantage due to their efficiency and network effect. However, these structures lead to privacy infringements on their customers and lack innovation. Furthermore, payments are unnecessarily complex and go through a myriad of service providers.
    ARTIS will allow to change that by providing an intuitive interaction interface for users. This application, the ARTIS "Minerva" app, has privacy built into it and users can choose their mode of payment freely. Minerva is an all in one DApp/Chat/Contract/Payment App for interacting with the ARTIS blockchain.
    The development of Minerva will be ongoing and will include the following features:
    1. Transactions: Minerva will allow true peer-2-peer payments. These can also be initiated within a chat, via private payment channels as well as via "Streems" in a pseudonymous fashion.
    2. Usability: Secure decentralized key management by leveraging existing interpersonal trust relations.
    3. Communication: Minerva will have a chat feature to communicate with trusted friends and service bots.
    4. Sharing Economy: Minerva will provide an interface for sharing resources. In a DApp area, service providers can offer subscription services for sectors such as mobility and energy. The use of resources will be monitored by the system and payed via continuous Streems in a clear, contractual way with the possibility to use self-sovereign-identity for it.
    5. Currency Conversions: Minerva will allow convenient currency conversions from fiat to crypto and vice versa at a fixed exchange rate through full fiat backing.

    Secure your share of ATS coins

    and benefit from the huge potential the artis blockchain offers

    How are the coins distributed?

    Final coins distributed


    SPRING 2017

    Research and development of the ARTIS concept.

    SUMMER 2017

    Formation of the company. First pilot project: Play4Privacy

    OCTOBER 2017

    angel funding of € 500k

    NOVEMBER 2017

    Start of the prototype phase and platform development.

    DECEMBER 2017

    Start ARTIS test net

    MAY 2018

    Token Generation Event

    DECEMBER 2018

    Go-Live ARTIS main net

    DEC 2018 – NOV 2019

    Start of bootstrapping phase to build a secure network of nodes.

    DECEMBER 2019

    Start growth phase







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