[Airdrop] DORACASH - An online platform to travel with a cryptocurrency

  • The Dora platform will use the doracash, a token to pay tickes to travel accross the world !  By plane, by car, by train, by boat, in Asia, in America, in Africa, in Europe... almost all the destinations will be available.


    Our priority is the security of the costumers, the transactions will be encrypted.




    Our platform is secured by smart contracts. Costumers can buy their tickets without worrying about any risks.

    Almost all destinations will be available. We already have partnerships with cars and planes companies.

    With our app, you will be able to earn some tokens at each travels. It will reduce the price of your next journey !

    Doracash is a cryptocurrency to pay transport tickets on an online platform based on a blockchain.

    An online platform to travel with a cryptocurrency


    Our priority : Trust

    Doracash will create his own blockchain few months after the airdrop.


    Nowadays, it is hard to book tickets easily. With our platform, everything will be easy. You will book your ticket with one click.





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