vdice Ethereum Gambling Games

  • vDice is the most popular Ether Betting Games in the Universe.

    A 1 month old vdice launched best blockchain based gambling game


    At vDice.io our games use the Ethereum blockchain as the database.

    So there are no accounts. You never send your funds to any 3rd parties. There is no internal database guarded by some anonymous site owners.

    Instead, you play directly from your own (local), personal, Ethereum wallet.

    There is no trust involved. You always control your funds!

    You send funds directly to a Smart Contract, on the Ethereum blockchain.

    The Smart Contract processes the bet and returns the win directly to your wallet.

    You only have to trust the Smart Contract. This is public, verified code, that lives on the very public Ethereum blockchain.

    Ethereum Gambling 9

    Now, for this kind of awesome approach there is a trade-off. Bets are processed slower than with a centralised database. It take around 15s to process bets in a decentralised way with vDice.io

  • cheers vdice!

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