BitShares (BTS) Release light wallet 2.0.180509

  • BitShares2-light_2.0.180509_amd64.deb f0ac68e94ade57301f83425dab0a6140b12193d7bf79b1e26f9f7fc18a52f2d5

     BitShares2-light-2.0.180509-x86_64.AppImage 2ce4eae1a88fb0827a967a684be4cf9cf825f63b6519d908474f3f75fae20bb8 890608d5c657ce350937f63bd54fdd3eca2c89eb8eecda4883cb6f7cd5519942

     BitShares-2.0.180509.dmg 0682218e9e9ab79074f49c8fd4b888924402a05c3553a21803bd7553e98eed9f d05dd3f5de5b3f4583a9c38305f341957018852e688422dc164a583e97aa8856 d2eedc8ed3cab2a54aacc142aedf5422b6105187e06d6efd30ba19b0389905be

    BitShares Setup 2.0.180509.exe 734579c57d1772fe1d5ed994cba2d11575c5e54f7f54f26f7e7ea8d426b79055

    Release 2.0.180509

    New features

    • #1475#1369 display market fee percent for sells
    • #1379#1276: Enable GDEX gateway
    • #1463#1288 - Extract FundFeePool from AccountAssetUpdate and use it in Asset
    • Added titles to all areas of the app to improve history navigation

    Bug fixes and improvements

    • Update electron and electron-builder
    • #1475#1478: Set version in package.json instead of git tag
    • #1481#1469 display market fee precision
    • Fix #1328#1464: Refactor MarketStatsCheck and marketUtils to use direct route
    • #1446#1455
    • Fix #1406#1432, also fixes a balance lookup bug
    • Remove unused code in tcomb_structs
    • Remove pulsate on BalanceValueComponent
    • Fix removal of personal nodes
    • Fix #1451: Restore pub key support to AccountSelector
    • Limited a greedy regex that was wiping out the asset decription
    • Replace extremely heavy steem lib with lightweight steem-js-api fork


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