[ANN] WILO - Quark (POW/POS 30% / Maternode70%) | Easy to get Quick to multiply Instant withdrawal ready

  • What is Wilo?

    Wilo is a reliable PoS cryptocurrency designed to reduce costs of various business transactions. Due to the fact that during the development of the architecture of the payment system special nodes supporting the operation of the network (Masternodes) were involved, each investor can be assured that working with Wilo is not only profitable, but also completely safe.

    Coin Info

    Coin name: Wilo
    Coin ticker: Wilo
    Algorithm: Quark
    Type: POW/POS + MN
    Block Time: 1 minute
    Min. staking age: 1 hour
    Rewards: Masternodes - 70%, PoS - 30%
    Max Coin Supply: 61 000 000
    Collateral: 5000
    Premine: 200 000

    Coin distribution


    Block height Reward
    1 Premine
    2 - 500 1
    POW - end


    Block height Reward
    501 - 4000 1
    4001 - 8000 100
    8001 - 12000 140
    12001 - 200


    Wilo is destined for success. The proof is in the PoS mechanism allowing the network to confirm transactions and prevent frauds. However, it does not require any intensive computational resources. The only condition is to have any amount of Wilo on your balance and keep your wallet connected to the network. Your balance will regularly grow, since you will be receiving new coins for your support of the system operation. The amount of compensation depends on many factors, but with your maximum involvement into supporting of the Wilo system, you can expect generous returns.

    Masternode is your winning algorithm.

    A Masternode is a highly specialized tool that guarantees regular rewards to the users of the network for their active support of the Wilo system operation. Thus, a Masternode provides the users with safety, anonymity and possibility to make fast transactions, while the Masternode owners guarantee a stable functioning of the system regularly receiving rewards for their service.








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