Meet Fluzcoin team at CONSENSUS 2018

  • Meet Fluzcoin team at CONSENSUS 2018

    and get an invitation to the private networking event for investors


    Are you heading to Consensus 2018 next week, or boycotting same as Ethereum’s inventor?

    For those who do not know Consensus 2018 is a 4th annual blockchain
    technology summit held by the Coindesk at the New York, this year it
    takes place during 14–16th of May.

    We’d like to invite you spending some time with Fluzcoin executive team.
    Stop by from 9:00 AM for free coffee or join for a cocktail with
    executive team from 6:00 PM.

    How Fluzcoin ensures instant transactions with zero fee?

    Why there is no volatility?

    And much more other questions of your choice that you can address us at the Consensus summit.

    Want to talk in private? Pick-up a private time slot to connect during
    the event. Or join closed investors networking with Fluzcoin executive
    team (limited availability)

    Have any questions about the event? Shoot us an email at [email protected] with the subject “Consensus 2018”

    Looking forward to see you at the Consensus 2018!

    In case you want to find more information about, explore our White paper or drop us a line at [email protected]

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