[Airdrop] Euphoria (EPH) - NOT JUST ANOTHER DIGITAL CURRENCY | Online Trading Platform

  • What is Euphoria?

    Euphoria is a trading platform that allows to put up for sale products owned by users, create your own online store and make payments using cryptocurrencies.

    Listing the item for sale.

    By selling the item, we will be able to put it in the auction or select the "buy now" option, allowing us to sell the item immediately, at a price determined by us. It is also possible to combine these two options. In addition, you will be able to sell items as a regular user, but also as a store. The difference is additional amenities for the store, which are: the ability to create your own categories in the store, the ability to create and place a store logo, the ability to customize the appearance of the auction to the layout of the online store.

    Shop on Euphoria - good for starters.

    If you're just about to trade on the internet and you're in favor of using cryptocurrency, I suggest starting with Euphoria. Why? Because it's much easier and cheaper than setting up your own store, on your own domain and your server. Once you've set up an account, you can start selling right away - you list your items at the auction, set the price, delivery method and that's basically everything you need to do. The advantages of selling on Euphoria are not only the speed of setting up an account.

    There are many more advantages:

    - by selling on Euphoria, you do not have to advertise or position yourself

     - you have access to a large database of potential customers who may be interested in the offer; 

    - you do not need to invest money in creating your own store

     - it saves even a few dozen or so thousand dollars on the store's script itself, additional costs are your own domain and server; 

    - you will have a choice of different payment methods in cryptocurrencies, so you do not have to worry about technical solutions to this problem

     - Euphoria's advantage will be easy service. Online store scripts are much more complicated and less experienced people when it comes to computers and the Internet will be much easier to handle the auction on Euphoria.

    Pros of Euphoria

    - a large group of potential clients;

    - simple set up of a company account 

    - you can start selling right away;

    - low initial costs - savings;

    - many offer promotion options
    (eg Award or Opportunity Zone)
    - the ability to draw the attention of the
    e-consumer and distinguish yourself from
    the competition in many ways;
    - no fees for issuing an offer, selection of
    additional options and commissions on sales
    - low costs of promoting the item;
    - decentralized payments without
    intermediaries such as
    bank or payment processors;
    - by selling the item for cryptocurrencies,
    you earn not only on sales but also on
    the increase of their price.

    Euphoria or online store?

    Set up an online store instead of Euphoria or can it sell in both places at the same time? In our opinion, the best solution is to combine the creation of your own brand with the trade on the auction site. Thanks to this, you will create a solid foundation of your e-business and take advantage of the strengths of both activities. Treat Euphoria as a way to promote. Collect clients there, and during direct contact, encourage them to place orders in your online store. In this way, you will build trust and brand.

    Euphoria Token (EPH)

    Our token is based on Ethereum smart contracts, thanks to which transaction fees you pay are much lower than transaction fees when using Bitcoin. The transactions you make with Euphoria token are based on the Ethereum block chain, which makes them much faster than Bitcoin transactions. We created Euphoria token using Ethereum smart contracts because we wanted to be open source, so we thought that Ethereum would be the best choice for us. Euphoria token will be one of the payment methods on our platorm. Platform: Ethereum Type: ERC20 Total supply: 33,000,000 EPH


    Token Distribution
    (AirDrop & Bounty)

    Our token will be distributed via AirDrop and
    the Bounty campaign. AirDrop will take place
    in three rounds. Each round will take place
    every three months and each of them will be
    accompanied by the Bounty campaign. The
    total supply of tokens to giveaway is
    10,000,000 EPH.

    ROUND 2
    Total sypply: 2,500,000 EPH
    Tokens per person: 500 EPH
    Rate: 1 ETH=500 EPH
    Time: May 12 - 5000 Participants

    Fill the form and get free tokens

    Contract adress: 0x875089A734213cA39f0d93c2BbB8209827ec5e9f

    Symbol; EPH

    Decimals: 8


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    white paper:https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd...


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