[Dev] Release Candidate Feathercoin - Check List

  • Feathercoin version

    Release Procedure checklist

    • Github procedure followed
    • Builds on designated sytsems list : Report non build systems list
    • Create Release Candidate Post - Completed : @Wrapper
    • Double checks
    • Allocate software status : Test
    • Confirm release candidate auto builds
    • Confirm release candidate builds for Windows / Mac
    • Create test list
    • Double check Test
    • Document and deal with issues : loop
    • Re Designate status
    • edit configure.ac release true
    • Release with documentation / should include any possible problems, or release
    • FTC staff member : sign off release list checked
    • Copy package binaries to server
    • Copy Windows / Mac binaries ( Sourceforge / Github - Mirror from there.)
    • Update and check download links work
    • Update Feathercoin forum “Official Release Version” Banner

    Additional Tests :
    Binaries can perform database synchronization.
    Minimum Payment levels are set to : 0.01 FTC
    Dust Payment level is set to :

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