Nebulas - How to Claim Your NAS Reward——Instructions for NIP Week 1 Winners

  • Nebulas Incentive Program won’t end until July 2nd. Developers who didn’t get rewards in the first week still have an opportunity to optimize their DApps and submit again!

    Reward method

    1. Developer reward winners are asked to complete and return a short form with their personal information before midnight on Friday night, May 18, Beijing time, to receive their rewards ASAP. Please also check that you have the correct Nebulas mainnet address to receive NAS in “Settings” on the Nebulas Incentive website. We will send an email to all reward winners with more information, and start distributing NAS rewards on Friday.

    2. Referral award winners, please note that if the developer you invited won the first week reward, you will also need to check you have the correct Nebulas mainnet address to receive NAS. Referral rewards will begin distribution on Friday as well.

    3. Rewards will be delivered on Fridays. Week 1 rewards will be delivered on Friday of Week 2, and so on.

    4. If you don’t confirm your information or fail to fill in the correct mainnet NAS address, you’ll still be able to claim your NAS reward in subsequent weeks. We’ll send you another reminder to confirm your information.

    5. Please make sure you have ownership of your listed mainnet NAS address. Nebulas claims no responsibility of any loss caused by personal mistakes.

    Week #1 Winners of Nebulas Incentive Program

    Learn more about Nebulas:

    Official website: Github: Slack: Telegram(EN): Twitter: @nebulasio

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