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  • Dear users of Volpcoin, we would like to announce that the form for the token bonus swap is now available. 
    This Volpcoin Swap Token starts at May 26th and  ends on June 26th.
    Recalling that the reason we decided to create this token was to revitalize the project and compensate the users who have deposited 
    their trust, their dreams in the Volpcoin project. Keep in mind that tokens are already available for trading directly in the market.

    Please fill up the form : https://goo.gl/forms/4mioXVvN9QIxz9Kk1

    Some rules to follow:

    1. Payment addresses will NOT be changed after sending.
    2. All participants must fill up  the Form.
    3. Each user can only fill up  the form one time.
    4. Tokens will be sent to their registered portfolios at the end of the term.
    5. Before performing the transfer of the token, we will send a confirmation email to
     prove the authenticity of the email of each user.
    6. If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected] or leave us a 
    message at our discord  https://discordapp.com/invite/ddFBjRT

  • A note for every user about the Volp Protocol:

    Recently, a user makes questions that encouraged us in advance to write more about the Volp Protocol, we believe that this information is important for everyone.  We want that all the users feel free to make questions and know more about the behavior of the protocol. With the Volpcoin beta, we obtained through parallel simulator results with up to 2 million transactions per compacted block with dimensions of approximately 5 kB. These data refer to the tests applied in Volpcoin beta through a pilot implementation of the Volp protocol.

    We use a hybrid VM kernel that we build from scratch to run in symbiosis with the Volp protocol along with a compiler of our own specific to this application. 
    Soon we will be making available all technical data on the website and the behavior collected by us during this period that volpcoin beta was active.

    Note: The size of the results obtained in the compression of the Volp protocol may seem empirical, but it's one of the most important things that we could project 
    in the period of 2002-2006. We are at this very moment, performing load stress on the protocol, so we can identify underlying anomalies.It's gratifying to know that it's possible to create disruptive technologies with great clarity and dynamism and at the same time with a great easiness of understanding, for people who don't have scientific knowledge in the field of cryptology, data dimensioning built-in languages that constitute the ecosystem implanted since of 1967.

    We worked hard to build this protocol, which will allow us to leave a centralized ecosystem that hinders the birth of new technologies, facilitating a new reality that is currently happening with the blockchain. Its conception is as old as dinosaurs, which makes us struggle to get out of this methodical system that has caught and created fantasies of imprisonment in our minds.

    Any further technical data, please contact the Volp AI Protocol team.

    Volp A.I. Protocol

  • Dear users of Volp, 

    As many should know, we are a team of only 3 people, so all the material created is developed by us. In this way, it's very difficult to respond to all areas at the same time. One of the biggest problems we faced was collecting data on the prototype that was running on Volpcoin beta,  which left us a long time inactive in the community.  This has brought us serious problems, we have lost the focus and confidence of the community. Thus, we kindly ask that the users support us by disseminating the good concepts that Volp A.I. will be implemented soon.

    The Volp will not be a copy, it will have a totally unique and disruptive language and concept, the result of solid work, even before the blockchain is presented to the world. We apologize for our lack of management in a certain area, as we are studying in hiring expert people in areas that we are missing. We count on the understanding of all users.  Soon we will be presenting the community and we will be seeking to participate in some events in the promotion of our protocol, that is so important that we don't let it fall into the hands of some powers.

    Our goal was always to keep the technology visible and available to all people who want to use it, we had some rejection because the effects applied in the protocol creates an incompatibility with some ambiguous activities of some operating systems. This was one of the reasons we had to adapt and migrate to a new concept of application.
    The blockchain of Volpcoin beta will not be lost, it has been reformulated and corrected some anomalous effects that in the period of data collection we detected and realized that the language that the prototype was running was incompatible with the technology we proposed to apply.

    So we decided to move forward on a new platform, to see if the results were satisfactory. We recognize that the NXT platform is very well prepared to accept the Volp A.I protocol  working correctly without any anomaly effects occurring in the old volpcoin beta.

    Therefore, in a few days we will be presenting the prototype demo, with the applications of work in the following orders:

    1. Autonomous management, operation, and distribution;
    2. Compression effect with maximum stress;
    3. Transmission and sizing of immutable transactions of 2 million per block on an extreme scale of 5 kb;

    This is our proposal for the next few days, with a 100% success rate of certainty of execution.

  • Dear users,

    Soon we will be launching the Volp A.I offcial website 

    Link : https://volpai.org

  • Dear Volpers ,

    We would like to inform  that soon the Volp A.I will become a company, this decision was taken to protect the development and
    Intellectual Property of the Volp Protocol. It is very likely that we can operate in Portugal or Spain, we are still studying about this. So soon
    we will be providing a list of professionals, which we will need. We will have a specific area for those who are interested in working with us.

    We will be in search of more exchange market to help the growth of Volp Asset, we have already started to send some emails, soon we will have
    some news. We count on everyone's support for this journey.

  • Dear users , 

    It's now available, the pre-form for the participation of the Volp preview, for July 15th.

    User participation will be limited to members of the community who have believed and trusted Volp from the beginning.

    After completing this form, we will keep you in touch about the rules and details.

    Link: https://form.jotformeu.com/Volpcoin/volp-preview-form

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