Zcoin (XZC) Release Wallet "French Drop" v0.13.6.3

  • Instructions

    Highly recommended update (even for 13.6.1 and 13.6.2) for local wallets and mining pools. Alternative to updating will be a reindex. Mandatory upgrade for Znodes to avoid any disruptions (though you can stick to 13.6.2 if you perform a reindex).

    Failure to update to 13.6.3 may result in stuck wallets which can be cured by a reindex though it will be easier to update to this version.

    Before anything, backup your wallet.dat (File > Backup Wallet), ideally in a different drive.


    • Enables Zerocoin spend to third party feature
    • Resolves database issues where wallets can be stuck on certain Zerocoin spends.
    • Highly recommended update to avoid wallet stuck issues (alternative is to do a reindex)


    • Version: v0.13.6.3- SHA256 Hashes:
      • Windows: FEEA7A933E59752DD023D89110B84C6831405164FC88EF0BB2062B9A8EF7A88B
      • Windows installer:AE8798357A2F9878D26B6A05E0DF1006853E1B38F6BD3193FCDCE7118F484777
      • Linux: EF7991E2E4084E7F3E3EC8ACB61DF38E3DF05143F971A1868BFFEB761B28A059
      • Mac: 94A192D587BB8A22B87874293E28E93D28FA74337B24FDEC7C0C9CE3899D0125



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