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  • What is Mochimo?

    A complete reimplementation of blockchain

    Quantum Proof

    Future-proofed and Privacy Enabled

    In 3-5 years,
    Quantum Computing is poised to break ECDSA encryption leaving BTC, ETH
    and all ERC-20 tokens unsafe for transactions and as a store of value.
    Mochimo uses the EU’s PQCryptos approved WOTS+ algorithm and our one
    time addressing feature to secure privacy when you want it.

    Scaleable and Fast

    Scalability solved

    We have
    solved network scalability issues permanently. Our blocks stay small
    while substantially increasing TX speed using BlockCrunch™, our
    proprietary algorithm. Users can set up a full working node in minutes
    that compresses the blockchain into a small % of the historical block

    Decentralized and Fair

    Stays Decentralized

    Trigg’s Algorithm ensures 1CPU=1 vote, ASIC resistant, fixed mining difficulty, random node selection, fixed TX fees, and a AI-enhanced load balancer that writes a unique “haiku” for every block. Can you Beat Emerson?


    Mochimo tenets are solidified Coding begins

    Q3 2017 Jul

    Matt Zweil and Trigg begin the BlockCrunch™ Protocol Dev Team Recruited

    Q3 2017 Sep

    Command line Wallet created Trigg’s Algorithm completed Emerson’s AI v4 Born MCM Engine V1 completed

    Q4 2017 Oct

    First website & Social Presence DevNet Online

    Q4 2017 Dec

    Code Audit by Quantum Expert, Andreas Hulsing, Ph.D. Creator of the WOTS+ Algorithm TestNet Online White Paper First Draft

    Q1 2018 Jan-Feb

    Patent applications filed for BlockCrunch™, Trigg’s AlgorithmTM, Random Networks Mirroring, and Address Handle persistence.

    Q1 2018 Mar

    Adequate Systems, LLC Incorporated Datacenter Buildout Completed

    Q1 2018 Apr

    Rebranded Website Launch Public White Paper Release

    Q2 2018 May 4

    Beta Mining Instructions/Code Release Beta Mining Launch & Support Weekend Command Line Wallet Release

    Q2 2018 May 12

    MainNet Launch The Mojo GUI Wallet Launch Github Repository Release

    Q2 2018 Jun 30

    Exchange Listing MAC/iOS Wallet Release

    Q3 2018

    Private Transaction Functionality Launch Android Wallet Release







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