Burstcoin (BURST) Release BRS 2.2.1 "Pre-Dymaxion"

  • First PoCC-initiated hard fork release, patchlevel 1. This wallet will hard fork at block height 500 000 with the following features:

    • up to 4 times larger block size
    • dynamic fees
    • Multi-Out payments

    From block height 502 000 on the wallet will also switch to PoC2 nonce validation.

    After the hard fork, the effective transaction capacity of this wallet will be up to 80 times that of the previous 2.0 version.

    sha256sum of burstcoin-2.2.1.zip: 6bb82c125db2757bf7a92512907785c02a8312d910a85ca4e0600b3860a21bc1


    • UPnP does not close ports anymore, our network of public nodes should grow again
    • problems in blacklisting peers should be gone
    • stability - no single BRS 2.2.1 halted unexpectedly in our tests



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