Bitmark (BTM) Release Wallet v0.9.7.0

  • Bitmark release v0.9.7.0 June 6, 2018

    8-mPoW Algos, each governed by custom DGWv3 to balance mining difficulty to network hashrate. { SCrypt, SHA256d, Yescrypt, Argon2d, X17, Lyra2REv2, EquiHash, CryptoNight }

    Reward variation by Coin Emission Modulation algorithm (CEM v0.1) Scales up to half of the block reward according to the ratio of currrent hashrate to peak hashrate.

    Binaries for Ubuntu 16.04 "Xenial Xerus"

    Sha256 Sum CheckSums: (shasum -a 256)

    427f0a1ef753a995338ebac7203a1be7bcc3081da1802fc22ec49b69e6424b5f  bitmarkd-v0.9.7.0-official
    acf13775d6b0e2f568b70401134c0aa137b485de208462f8a1b712884fcebf70  bitmark-cli-v0.9.7.0-official
    5bd5bc38c7898a5c357a3cfd0b80135e51671ad5a468db4544b39d92cac14420  bitmark-0.9.7-win32-setup.exe
    4db71d591823ad062a273e3b165e5ce3a1af639fc948b57952d5a1f2cf73e314  bitmark-0.9.7-win64-setup.exe


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